Monday, December 31, 2012

25 in 25 update...

It's been awhile since I've updated you guys (and myself) on my 25 in 25 challenge (originally started here), and because the impending New Year definitely puts a little wind in my wings to accomplish more, it seemed appropriate to do it today...Anyways, here we go
1. Join a wine club...Done!! Great birthday gift from the hubby...he looks like he's already had 10 glasses...sadly this was the first I think..
2. Have a date night once a week....So far so good...
3. Go on a spontaneous trip.....Still haven't even thought about this one yet...:(
4. Decide whether this is the year we will start a family....still deciding on this...there are many considerations...
5. Expand my design services.......Have decided to hold off on this one, I'm just learning the design world, and I don't want to put any more pressure on myself. 
6. Learn to really cook...I took one organic cooking class at the Merc in Lawrence (for any locals), and really loved it...Can't wait to take another one, and really learn how to cook!
7. Get organized, especially our ridiculously cluttered attic....I am proud to say after our successful garage sale in October, our attic (along with our closets/storage room/junk drawers) are all a little less cluttered. Now, when it warms up, I need to tackle the garage.
8. Finally decide on, and buy a new car...Done...bought a beautiful Ford Escape about a month ago, and am loving it so far!
9. Cut my hair...Not technically, I did get a hair cut, and added bangs, but I'm not crossing this one off until I do something totally different.  
10. Finally design my bedroom....Still working on to come.. 
11. Finish my online design classes...Took a short break, but am going back in February, and should be done in the summer time.
12. Purge...We have too much stuff...I would like to give away/sell/throw out 500 items out of our home. ..Done...See #7
13. Take more pictures...Definitely sticking with this one!
14. Create a budget...and actually stick to it...I'm very proud of our new budget, and the fact that we not only stuck with it but exceeded our goals already! At first, living on a budget was extremely difficult. It's hard for me to eat at home/not go shopping, when I can visually see all the money sitting in our checking account. Because of this, we now have several different savings accounts the money is split into so it's not staring back at me :)...In any case our new budgeting system has been a success and is coming much more easily/natural now.
15. Do one random act of kindness a week...At least once a week, once you really think about it, it comes very easily.
16. Take a stay-cation.....We were supposed to take a quick getaway this coming week for our wedding anniversary, but the impending snow storm kind of killed that idea, so now  we will be having our "stay-cation" this week, and I'm super excited. We have a list of things we want to do right here in Kansas City, none of which we've ever done...should be a hoot.
17. Reach 100 followers..Getting closer! If you're a reader become a follower!!!
18. See a broadway show during the holidays...Sad, to say I failed this one...This would be the first year that I did not see a show during the holidays, but life kind of got in the way this year.
19. Go to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch in the fall. Done...In fact here's the proof..the famous pumpkin...that was small and fact we got it half priced because it was so fugly...and yes he did insist on painting the entire pumpkin green right after this picture:
20. Go on a hike...once again in the fall. Done and it was perfect. 
21. Try something new at least one weekend every month, a cool festival or new food maybe...We've kept this up so far, but we'll see how long we can keep it up.
22. Choose a color and finally paint my front door! Done...kind's the post...
23.Get in shape...Another fail...still trying to find a routine...
24. Design my house freely... Definitely getting better with this one
25. Learn to breathe, enjoy life, and take each day as it comes....Fail...I've been way to overwhelmed to accomplish this goal lately, but still have nine months so maybe...

Friday, December 28, 2012

A color palette you can live with...

Man, oh man, do I love the holidays. Egg nog, family, beautiful trees, and the best music. They do however, take a lot out of you, so today I have a short and sweet post for you, about something I get asked about a lot....or maybe just twice....and actually I have a very brief introduction to the subject and a link to a better post...
It's no secret, that I love using color in home design. You may say I'm a color addict. However, if you look through my "Our Home" pictures, there are not that many colors going on in my home. The problem is, like most women, I get bored easily. Picking a color palette in your home, that will stick, is difficult. Because of this, I always recommend going mostly neutral in your bigger purchases (furniture), and keeping your color story in the accessories. Accessories, are generally less expensive, and interchangeable when the mood strikes. If you really want that bright colored sofa (I have literally had dreams about a gorgeous peacock blue sofa before), make sure the color is classic and will stand the test of time for you. 
and now thanks to Pinterest, I will also have dreams, about all of these rooms, especially that yellow couch...
Look around you. Look through your closet and see what colors are most evident. Obviously, if you like to put it on your body all the time, you won't mind looking at it in your living room for a few years. Look at the colors of your favorite art work. Good art work isn't cheap, if you spent the money on it, you probably love the colors. The colors of your business card (if you had them printed yourself, obviously), the color of your car, the color of your dog...okay now I'm just reaching, but you get the idea.
I cannot tell you how often I hear from people around me (and even clients), that they don't know what colors they like...hmmm, well...what colors DO you like?
So I'm going to wrap this up by sending you to a much more experienced (and genius) stylist who covered this topic in much better/more detail...Go here, and check out Emily Henderson's ideas on this topic. I'm off to take a hot bath and drink a bottle glass of wine...Hope everyone had a magical Christmas...peace out.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We're busy celebrating the holiday with our family, but wanted to take a moment to wish you a Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
Okay, so this is quite obviously not our home, but the house from one of my favorite Christmas movies ever, Christmas Vacation.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ho, ho, ho...

I had a conversation with my husband the other day, that went something like this...
Me: "I remember, when I was little I went to a friends house and her family had an entire Santa village set up in their family room, it was magical."
Race: "Well, if I know anything about you, it's that you will find a way to create your own....probably using spray paint"...
The man's a genius, what can I say, because the next day I came across these in the dollar store:
Let's hope Santa brings me a new camera this year...ugh..
 Not really my cup of tea, but after I worked my magic (or Rustoleum did), I had this:
I sprayed them gold and white and stuck them in a couple of hurricanes, I had lying around...ya know, like ya do...
I love the "snow," which is laundry detergent for anyone interested...Tide to be exact...
The whole project cost me a whopping $5, and took a whole 10 minutes.
What do you guys think?  Magical? They kind of remind of my own little snowglobe collection...although if anyone comes over and shakes these, I'll probably hit them in the face....ahh, there is nothing quite like the holiday spirit.
I'm off to spread more cheer like that.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm Lovin' It...

Here's what I'm lovin' in December...
Like I've said before, I'm one of those weird people that loves the cold. I do, I can't help it. I also love all the things we get to start wearing when it get's cold...such as:

Lacy Knitted Button Down Leg Warmers.. These are so cute and cozy. I want them in every color....and am ordering now..

Crochet Turban style Headband...These look great on and keep your ears toasty....I may have three...
The Lazo Throw from Zgallerie...I've written about this throw before and saying I love it is an understatement. Mine is more of a peacock blue (sadly it looks like they don't have this color available anymore) and it is the warmest/softest/prettiest throw I've ever seen. When summer comes, and I'm forced to stow it away, I just might cry....might...
Bar carts/tables...These have been back for awhile now, but I'm behind...what's new?...I don't know if it's because the entertaining season is upon us but I now want one and have been keeping an eye out at all of the vintage/antique stores and craigslist for one that I love. Here's a few I've been oogling in the meantime:
These Knitted deer heads....Call me weird, but I think these are too cool for this time of the year. I can imagine it on the wall of a cabin in the mountains too...Too fun
and finally, because it wouldn't be my monthly lovin' it without a coffee/tea fave...
World Market's organic Peppermint Tea...Delicious.
On a completely different, and extremely difficult note:
I have absolutely no words for the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut Friday morning. 20 children's lives were taken (as were the lives of several heroic teachers and administrators as well), along with the innocence of hundreds more. I cannot even begin to fathom, what these families are coping with, and my heart truly breaks for them. Because of this tragedy, Tuesday morning, we will have a moment of silence in the blog world to do the only thing we can, honor and support those affected. 
If you are a blogger and would like to honor the victims tomorrow as well, you can get the button here,

Friday, December 14, 2012

Go fish...

I was strolling through Hobby Lobby the other day, when I came across this:
why yes, that is a fish platter...
And yes, it is hideous...and yes I was so embarrassed at the checkout to be buying it, that I considered describing my plan to the cashier...
Let me explain. Awhile back I was shopping at Anthropologie, the store I hate to love...because I love the stuff in it but hate the prices...Anyways I saw this:
Loved it, but it was something like $68.00.
See, where I'm going?
I sprayed it (gold instead of white)...surprised?...and now I have this:

His name is Merle...and no, I don't know why...I also don't know why I have such a passion for naming random things around our home...but I do.
I think he is one of my favorite, random animals that I've sprayed around my home. 
(Like here, here, and here).
He has a great sheen, and reminds me of something I would find at Zgallerie.
He is perfect as a catchall for random things around the family room, such as nail clippers, extra remotes, etc...which I've taken out for the are welcome...
Now I just have to print this picture out and take it back to the cashier at Hobby Lobby, to show her my taste is not THAT bad...just kidding...sort of..
Anyways, how about you? Anyone else find the need for a fish dish in your home? dish...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Get me a beret...

Let me start by saying, I am no artist....
In fact, I have no art skills at all...
However, I've always loved to paint. I think it's the freedom to just do whatever I want, it's relaxing. In fact over the last year, I've spent many Saturday nights just messing around with acrylic paints on the same canvas over and over again, while drinking loads of wine of course. As an early Christmas gift, the hubby bought me some new supplies, so last weekend I decided to have some fun and paint something I could actually hang around our house. So with an odd corner of my living room in mind, I whipped up some DIY art. 
I apologize for the phone was late..
I definitely went the safe route on this one, with simple overlapping, but completely erratic stripes, but I had a lot of fun mixing the colors to create a color story that could fit in our home. The final product:
 And, no the chair and table do not permanently sit here, but their usual spot is currently being occupied by the Christmas tree.
And because I love me some ombre, I also whipped up this little beauty for my office:
This one is my favorite...Basically, just started with a deep olive green, and just kept adding a little white as I went to get the lighter tints.
Definitely, not the most exciting art, wont be in any gallery anytime soon, but I love the colors and it's mine. And I am excited to get a little more ballsy (yes, I said ballsy on the internet) next time and make some more personalized art for our home soon.
How about you guys? Any other wanna be artists out there? Any tips for an art challenged gal like me?
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Friday, December 7, 2012

For the people Santa forgot...

We all have those people on the bottom of our Christmas list. The ones you of course love but don't know if you are close enough to, to be exchanging gifts. These are the same ones that you have no idea what to gift them. I've created a little list here for you guys (you are welcome) of easy do-it-yourself ideas for gifts for those bottom of the list people...And you better hope they don't read this blog, or they will now know they are on the bottom of your Christmas list...again, you are welcome.
 So scroll through, and for directions/more info just click on the link. Anyways, here we go:
Test tube spice heard that right:
I loooovee this idea. You could really get crazy with this too. If the person is not a chef but a crafter, you could do this with glitter/confettis too. 
Chalkboard mugs...I'll take two please.
These are so fun and I love them. Imagine it with some homemade hot cocoa mix inside (maybe inside of a pretty cellophane bag with marshmallows on top) and wrapped with ribbon...too cute.
I love this idea...not only are they cute and literally anyone would love it, but they can be made in advance. Make a few and keep them hidden, just in case you forget someone...Don't lie, we've all been there.
I love this idea, and while the tag (which I also love) plays more into a baby shower/mother's day theme, you could make it work for any celebration...(Because the holidays are stressful...Because even Santa needs to relax).
 Cookie Dough...because everyone loves it..
Love this idea! "Print your favorite cookie recipe and baking instructions on white paper or vellum. Tie it around a frozen log of dough wrapped in parchment for an easy Christmas gift"
Who wouldn't love their own personal pie in a jar, to be taken out of the freezer whenever the craving strikes...
Oh and on a different, but not completely unrelated note, I made these two nights ago:
Two words...Ahh...mazing...So when you realize you forgot me on that list, you can simply send me a plate of these..and I'll be your new best friend...
Welp, that's all I got for ya folks today, because we just purchased Dark Knight Rises, and this lady needs her batman long suckers...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I've always loved The me it just means Christmas is near. I would love to use the traditional wooden nutcracker in my home to decorate for Christmas. The problem is I like my Christmas decorations to match the rest of the house. I'm just never going to be one of those people that can put a giant red Santa and brightly colored ornaments everywhere. So when I saw this:
on one of my favorite blogs 4 Men 1 Lady, I knew I had to make my own. I put this photo in the back of my mind, and kind of forgot about it (I know #winning) until I came across these in Dollar Tree:
ya know, the store where everything is $1...meaning this project cost me $2.....yea...
I did a little hair removal and sprayed them gold (surprise, surprise)..
and now I'm in love:
bad phone pic warning...
Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around these parts:

 Now, let's hear from you? Are you a red and green only Christmas decorator? Are you like me and make your decorations match the rest of your home? Any totally crazy schemes out there? I want to know!
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Monday, December 3, 2012

My Favorite Home Blogs

I love blogs, have for years...especially home design blogs...Here are a few of my favorites for your reading pleasure...
Young House can barely discuss home decor blogs without discussing Young House Love..They are like the Oprah of design blogs...Great DIY instructions and they know how to work a budget...
Bower Power Blog...Katie's sense of humor make everyday home tasks way more fun..she has great taste, and once again can work a budget.
Style By Emily Henderson...Design star winner, Emily Henderson (host of Secrets from a Stylist) has great style, and uses vintage almost all the time...Her blog is fun and an easy read..I really think we would be best friends in real life...
6th Street Design School...Kirsten is a Utah based designer and probably has the closest to my style in home design. She mixes fabrics and colors flawlessly, which is the type of designer I aspire to be...
4 Men 1 Lady... Love following her newest renovation. She has great simple and modern style..
The House of Smiths...The Smith family seems to have a very positive attitude towards renovation and home projects, which is always a breath of fresh air.
Teal and Lime...These are my favorite colors in a space too, so of course I clicked immediately with this blog. Great and fun style.
Freckles Chic...She has a really fun take on renovation, a great sense of humor, and an adorable family to boot.
And no, none of these bloggers have any idea who I am, but I feel like we're old friends and I love them nonetheless #onlyslightlycreepy.
How about you? Any favorite home blogs, I missed?
I love discovering new ones, so if you're a home design blogger, leave a comment below, so we can help all of my readers discover their new favorites too!