Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Lovin' It...March

A couple days late, but whatever...Here's what I'm lovin' in March:
These gold/aqua/coral antlers...Ya'll know by now, I love to mix rustic and chicness, and these do it.  I'm pretty sure I need one of these:
Amy over at Eat. Sleep. Decorate. found this $8.00 milk glass bowl at a thrift store and voila an instant jewelry organizer...This definitely has a place in my future dream dressing room...Love it!
These fabric play vegetables...Don't get me wrong, the Ikea and Target play food sets are fine, but usually include a bunch of cardboard ice cream boxes, and play cookies. I love the idea of letting our future kiddos play with these, hopefully inspiring healthier eating habits then we have been lately...They are a little expensive in my opinion, but just look at them:
This canvas Paris illustration:
I'm very drawn to this print. Just in awe....
While we're expecting snow today on the first day of spring, I'm dreaming of warmer weather...So one of my favorites this month is Glace's lavender lemon ice cream...Just go get some, trust me.
And that's it...That's all there is. What about you? What are you guys diggin' this month?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Lately every time I sit down in front of a computer to blog I get an overwhelming feeling that could only be described as guilt. Guilt, because there is a list in the back of my mind of about 1000 things I could be doing instead of blogging. Guilt, because the hubby and I have spent every spare minute we have had doing work on our house or looking at new houses/speaking with builders, so I feel like I should be spending this quality time with him, and want to. Just feeling guilty. I also feel guilty because I don't have any new/original content to share with you guys, and I should. I can't use the excuse that "our house is on the market" forever, because who knows how long this could go on, and I can't get by with my sponsors or readers (nor do I want to) posting 1 or 2 sub-par posts a week. Normally, I have 4 or 5 posts in the vault...ya know saved on blogger...right now I have zilch, nada, cero. I need to find something to share with you guys that isn't just my own projects, because lately there has been none of that going on. So until I get it all figured out, here is some beautiful eye is what I have been "pinning" lately:
Emily Henderson's newest design
I have been completely obsessed with black and cowhide this one had me at hello..
Such an interesting space..
Love these windows over a sink...that view doesn't hurt either...
I'm loving this Seville pendant in a deep bronze color...and not too expensive..
So that's it..that's all she wrote..
Oh and thanks for sticking with me, while I get some stuff figured my life....and everything else..And for all you other bloggers, how do you do it? When inspiration or time just isn't there how do you push through? Any tips would be great ;)