Friday, November 9, 2012

Watch out or I might spray paint the dog...

So after this post and then this post, you may have already been in spray paint overload (especially metallic spray paint). Because of this I planned on waiting a week or so to share today's little projects (ya know give you a break from the gold spray paint around here) but I wanted to share it in the 151st Power of Paint Party over at Domestically-Speaking...which ends today, so that's my reason...oh well, get over it...And then go check out all the other great Power of Paint projects that are linked up here...

I saw this picture on the ZGallerie website and immediately fell in love...
hmmm....such a sophisticated space...I especially loved this:
But not so much the $169.00 price tag...Reallly, Z Gallerie?..Really?...Anyways I found this one at Hobby Lobby for $4 with a 40% off coupon:
and now it looks like this:
It's amazing what a can of spray paint can do, isn't it?
More photo love:

Yes, it makes me happy, and I like that it's need for real dead animal heads on my bookcase/wall...I'm not 100% sure if this will be it's final place (I literally just took down the picture that was hanging there originally, and hung the skull on that same nail). I would love to hear your opinions though...
During that same Hobby Lobby spree I found this for $3.00 because of a 50% off sale:
It reminded me of this one that I have been lusting over for awhile at Anthropologie for $20.00:
Yeah, apparently I have a thing for elephants (evident here).
Of course it needed some help....Hmmm...what to do?...Oh, right what I always do. Spray paint to the rescue:

Yes, he will make a perfect perch for our keys and a light jacket, and he is a better scale for this space (he is a couple inches smaller than the Anthropologie one)...and quite possibly (when I buy some more) will be perfect for paint swatches in my office....
Now, I must go see what else I can spray paint...No worries, I was just joking about the dog...Maybe...

I'm sharing this over at the Homemade Ginger Jamboree Link Party! Check all of the other great projects out here!


  1. O.M.G. I've been obsessed with that Metallic skull from Z-gallerie forever and never thought of this! I'm so stealing this idea, thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog!

  2. I'm your newest follower! I found your blog from the Younghouselove Pinterest Challenge and have found myself spending hours looking through your blog! Keep it up :)

    1. Thanks for reading Ellen! I love new followers!

  3. Why have I never thought of that? I've seen the ever so popular metallic skull at Zgallerie and I've seen these skulls 50% off at Hobby Lobby before, but never made the connection. I guess what I'm saying is thanks, leaving for Hobby Lobby now :)

    1. I'm sure I just beat ya to it :). Good luck/you're welcome/thanks for reading!

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