Thursday, January 9, 2014

A media room for dad...

As I collect the data from the poll ya'll took for me a couple days ago (thanks to everyone that took it by the way), I thought I'd kick out a quick mood board post for you guys. I'll be back in a few days with the results.....hopefully.
One of my favorite families ever wanted to turn their basement family room into a media room for Dad. The hubby and I are beyond movie lovers, and plan on adding a media room to our next homes list, so this is something I had put a lot of thought into for myself. When they contacted me, I was excited to get a few ideas down on to say. They didn't want to change the main floor plan of the basement (it wasn't in our budget to add platforms or stadium seating) so we went with more of a family hangout/media room feel. Rereading the e-mail they sent me, I realized one word kept popping up... "cozy"...There's a lot of things I can't do, but cozy is one I can. They already owned a chocolate brown sectional (very similar to this one). I went from there:

A media room for dad...

Black lamp- We didn't end up using these exact ones (at over $800 a pop, they were way out of our budget), but we found some simliar on Ebay, and ordered those for $200 for the pair.

Chocolate brown rug- No surprise here.

Fur throw- Nothing says cozy like a faux fur throw draped across the sectional.

Wooden serving cart- I am so obsessed with this serving bar, and I can't wait to get my own. For the Filips though, it will serve as a tea and coffee bar (Dad is a big coffee drinker).

Contemporary curtain- The color of these curtains is one of Dad's favorites (mine too, not that it matters). These curtains are fantastic (I have them in my living room) and a great price for a tight budget.

Brass coffee table- I wanted a coffee table that could withstand a lot. While this room's main purpose is a media room, it will also serve as a hang out spot for the family. The tables needed to be big enough to sprawl out a board game, hold snacks, and most importantly wipe clean when all is said and done. Metal is great because theirs less dusting, and they take pretty much any stain you throw                      at them.

                   They already owned this rustic style sideboard, and I thought it would be great as a candy/popcorn bar. A few pretty containers full of their favorite candy, and a cute retro popcorn machine, and they're all set for their favorite movie. And the movie posters aren't these exact ones (we went with a few of Dad's favorites), they were all bought from and they framed them themselves with Target frames.
So what do you think? "Cozy" enough? Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In all my resolution searching, I realized that in order to be a better blogger, I needed to listen to my readers (the few of you I have left). So I would appreciate it if ya'll would help me out, and take this little survey to help me be the best blogger I can be. Thanks in advance, you guys rock.

Monday, January 6, 2014


It's that time of year again. The time of year where we each vow to be better people, to evolve as human beings, and never eat a McDonalds double cheeseburger again...but by the end of the day we're scarfing down a #2 while watching another trashy episode of the Kardashians. Here's why resolutions don't work:
They're not realistic.
They're not specific.
They're immeasurable. 
For instance, how any people say they will learn to balance family and work in the upcoming new year? All of them. This isn't realistic or defined. There is no measure of what's right or wrong in the balance of life. There's no way to know if you've accomplished this. The world we live in leaves little room for balance, and expects a lot from each individual when it comes to work vs play. In the end it's not practical. Nor is it specific. Maybe resolve to spend one day a week away from your computer/phone/Ipad and spend it purely with family. That is a resolution.
So here's no particular order:
1. Two dinners at the dining table with my husband a week sans television/phones. For some this may seem like a ridiculous goal, because it comes so easily to you. We work weird hours. I don't come home from work, strap on an apron, and play Lucy. Almost every night at our house consists of us grabbing take out on our way home, and eating at our coffee table at 8 o' clock at night....and yes half the time the television is on.

2. Become a better blogger....again too vague. How about post three times a week? That's better.  In less than 8 months, this will be my full time job (at least for awhile). I need consistency, and organization. My goal is to post three times a week (which is no small feat, and makes me resent/covet those bloggers that post 7 times a week). At least two projects a month (will be hard over the next few months, while we're attempting to sell our home). At least 4 mood-boards a month.

3. Find/buy a dream home. This one might seem super vague, but in our world it's not. We have a list of about 15 things our next home must have, and we're not giving in this time. A house with those 15 things is the only house we will buy. We're in kind of a rough place right now. The hubby wants to build, and that was always the plan. But building a new house 500 miles away has it's issues. For instance, we wouldn't get to see it being built, it wouldn't be ready in time for us when we have to be down there, meaning we would be renting a tiny apartment somewhere or living in a hotel for months, and we wouldn't be there to point out the many mistakes that are bound to happen when building a house over the phone. I on the other hand, want to buy a house we can make our own over time. Something with the space and 15 must have's, but maybe needs some new paint/updating. Eventually, we'll figure out the plan, but regardless it will be our dream home, and a home we will raise a family in.

4. Spend more time with friends/family. Again, I'm leaving in 8 months or so. I wont be able to see my friends every few weeks, so right now they are a new priority. It's easy when you all live within 20 minutes of each other, to say oh I can't this week but maybe next week. When we're a three hour flight/7 hour drive away from each other it wont be that simple. I'm going to soak up the next few months, and get as much time with them as I can. My ultimate goal, would be to spend time with friends/family once a week.

5. Try new things. Last year my resolution was to try something new every week. Whether that was a new food/restaurant, going to an event I had never been to, or simply switching up my coffee order one morning. I did really well for awhile, but fell off the wagon in late March. I'm going to try it again. One new thing a week.
Now tell me what your resolutions are? Anyone giving up chocolate or vowing to never eat another carb? God be with you.