Monday, December 3, 2012

My Favorite Home Blogs

I love blogs, have for years...especially home design blogs...Here are a few of my favorites for your reading pleasure...
Young House can barely discuss home decor blogs without discussing Young House Love..They are like the Oprah of design blogs...Great DIY instructions and they know how to work a budget...
Bower Power Blog...Katie's sense of humor make everyday home tasks way more fun..she has great taste, and once again can work a budget.
Style By Emily Henderson...Design star winner, Emily Henderson (host of Secrets from a Stylist) has great style, and uses vintage almost all the time...Her blog is fun and an easy read..I really think we would be best friends in real life...
6th Street Design School...Kirsten is a Utah based designer and probably has the closest to my style in home design. She mixes fabrics and colors flawlessly, which is the type of designer I aspire to be...
4 Men 1 Lady... Love following her newest renovation. She has great simple and modern style..
The House of Smiths...The Smith family seems to have a very positive attitude towards renovation and home projects, which is always a breath of fresh air.
Teal and Lime...These are my favorite colors in a space too, so of course I clicked immediately with this blog. Great and fun style.
Freckles Chic...She has a really fun take on renovation, a great sense of humor, and an adorable family to boot.
And no, none of these bloggers have any idea who I am, but I feel like we're old friends and I love them nonetheless #onlyslightlycreepy.
How about you? Any favorite home blogs, I missed?
I love discovering new ones, so if you're a home design blogger, leave a comment below, so we can help all of my readers discover their new favorites too!


  1. Love all of these blogs! Don't forget, I love her style and organizing ideas!


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