Friday, October 4, 2013

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is not only one of my sponsors, but also one of my favorite online resources for my home. They're having a pretty amazing sale RIGHT NOW, so check it out for yourself:
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More Furniture Sales
Grab the links below for the other Furniture sales featured on One Kings Lane:
Legal mumbo jumbo:
These links contain affiliates, and this is a sponsored post...yada...yada...yada ;) Happy Friday all!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

For the little people....

So in less than a year we will be moving 500 miles away for the hubby's job. Meaning, I will have no job. I am by far not the breadwinner in our household, but my income makes this blog and any home projects possible (along with my Starbucks and boot addiction, but that's a problem for another day).
Since, I can't twerk and don't own a foam finger, my original plan to be the new Hannah Montana is this blog baby of mine has to grow.
This means that within the next year my small E-design business, and this blog need to start earning their keep and generate some type of an income, which it doesn't always do right now. In other words, this blog needs to grow so that I can someday make it my full time job.
What this means for you?
-More posts, some being sponsored but regardless more content for all my beloved readers and hopefully good content.
-Better marketing..Social media is the best free marketing out there for a blogger, so hopefully I will learn to utilize this.
-A whole new organization system...This blog should run like a well oiled machine, but it's far from it now. Hopefully I will learn to run this blog like a small business, which should mean more organization in the future. Posts shouldn't be all over the place, they should be posted in an organized matter, and that is my new goal.
I'm hoping by putting this out there I will begin holding myself to higher standards, posting three or more times a week, doing more/better sponsor upkeep, and putting myself and my brand out there in the world a little more. Wish me luck and thanks for your support!

Now onto our regular scheduled post:
Our house seems to be infested...infested with little people...we tried spraying but they just keep coming back. The hubby, has three much younger fact, Race is 26 years older than his youngest brother. They spend a lot of time at our house, what can I say, they love us.
While at the Ikea in Dallas a couple weeks ago, I had to grab one of those Latt tables for the boys, that I see hacked everywhere. I mean come on, $15 for a table and two can't beat it. The reason for the price is because in raw form it looks like this:
Not completely terrible...if you like super boring and bland furniture in your house...which I don't. So I changed it...
Like everything else from Ikea, it came in 1,000,010 pieces, which in this situation, was actually much easier for painting purposes:
I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover in Gloss White spray paint, because I already had it on hand. 
I didn't sand. I probably could of, but I wasn't into investing too much time in a project that was going to be covered in crayons within a week.
I used the Rustoleum Black Specialty Chalkboard Spray on the top, so the kids could draw to their miniature hearts content.
And the end result:

Ikea, you sly, sly b****...You've officially been hacked.
Now those aforementioned little people, can completely destroy it
and trust me they will...