Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blue and gold...surprised?

You may be wondering why I haven't shown you an E-design in awhile...well the answer is quite simple: it's because I haven't had one in awhile.
Probably not something I should admit on the world wide interweb, but what can ya do...
Because of this I was ecstatic when I got my most recent job..
When I got this first e-mail from my client turned good friend Leesa, I realized it was fate...the skies had opened and given me two (4 counting their handy hubbys) of the best clients/new friends anyone could ever ask for, we were meant to work together I tell ya...
I showed my sister everything you've done for me around my house and sent her to your blog, she's dying to have you help her out with her and her husband's office/formal living room in their new house! And get this, she wants gold and peacock blue, which I thought would be right up your alley. I want to have you whip up an E-design on me for her birthday as a surprise. What do you think pookie :)

Side note: I called her pookie one time when we were out shopping for her office...yeah that professionalism is outstanding I tell ya.

Can I do it? ....seriously, Leesa? Does a bear use a rabbit to wipe?...what you haven't seen that YouTube video? I'd share it, but I kind of feel like it would kill any blogging credentials I pretend to have.

In any case, you know me better than that...Here's what we came up with:

On the walls we went with a subtle gray (I have no idea why the sample looks green here, trust me it's a barely there gray) and I recommended painting the ceiling peacock blue (Martha Stewarts peacock dream for anyone interested). I know, many designers/people like me, who pretend to be designers, will tell you never to paint the ceiling a dark color, but this space has tons of light pouring in (created by gorgeous wall to wall windows, that I'm not jealous of at all...really, I'm not) and is already small, so I think it could really make the space pop at the entrance of their home. 
The fantastic peacock blue chair with brass nail head trim was the perfect jumping off point, and I want to hug it. I found it at World Market, and was immediately smitten. You can find it here.
The desk was a problem, because they really needed something quite large, the man of the house is a landscaping architect (or what I like to call a parkitect..get it parks and architect)  and needs the space when he's working at home, but wanted something super simple. After some searching it hit me, use a small dining table....I know genius stuff going on over here, people. It gives lots of space, it's simple, and it's the perfect height. This one's from Ikea and was a great price, even after shipping. Find it here
The bookcases are the leaning espresso bookcases from Crate and Barrel (they come separately, but I recommended buying three and arranging them along the blank wall behind their new sofa for optimum pretty storage.) 
They were also looking for a storage idea for all of his rolled up blue prints in the office, I suggested this gold umbrella stand, which I think will work nicely. It's from Z-Gallerie, along with the small gold boxes (great for hiding ugly office necessities), and the gold skull that my husband is super jealous of (I thought it would make the space a little more masculine, although I'm kind of in love with it as well). 
With, every E-design, I've started including a free DIY mood board, with simple ideas of projects my clients could do themselves to add a little somethin', somethin' to the space. The globe was just this. I've seen the old metal globes at thrift store after thrift store, so I recommended some gold spray paint (suprised?) and chalkboard paint, to make one over, that would be perfect for this space. 
This gold pendant light holds a piece of my heart. I am seriously in love with it, and from what I've heard casts a pretty amazing glow. I'm going to keep it's source my little secret, but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find if you wanted :)
The gold sunburst mirror is from Zgallerie, and was chosen by my homeowners, gracious sister.
Now, can we please discuss this sofa...O.M.G. The tufting is gorgeous, and while the style is classic, it still has modern lines, which is perfect in my client's recently remodeled 1930s home with lots of character. This sofa is perfect, and if my black and brown dogs didn't exist it would find itself permanently in my home somewhere or another. It's the Kendall sofa from World Market and only $599. Find it here.
I've written about these nesting tables before, and I of course am crazy about them...and their price. Their from World Market, find them here.
The throw pillows bring the peacock blue and gold from the desk chair across the room to the sofa. They are both from Pier 1.
I think we hit the nail on the head with this one...It's simple, classic, elegant, but nothing is too precious either. It's the perfect first impression of these two wild kid's new home, and I can't wait to see completely finished pictures of the space..hint, hint...
Now, you can all go search for a bear using a rabbit to wipe on YouTube...Don't try to act like you aren't.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Schoolhouse nostalgia...

So here's something I never thought I'd write a blog post house nostalgia. I don't know if you've noticed, but there is a kind-of odd new craze taking over the blog world......that's right. I was skeptical at first, but I have to admit, the industrial style school house look has definitely caught my attention. Basically, everything you remember seeing in your school classrooms (except half dissected frogs..what?.. that's really what I remember) is taking up shop in the interior design world, except with a twist.
Such as:
Globes...I'm obsessed with all of these, especially the chalkboard ones, and I can't wait to DIY one for myself or possibly a client (and yes that is a sign of things to come):
Along the same lines, maps have also made a return...with a fun twist...
Then there are these:

Be still my heart. These chairs are the ones used at lab stations in high schools (obviously these ones are painted a fun bright color...although now I think schools should paint their stools fun bright colors, science would have been way more fun if I got to sit on these). And only $31-$44 each, here.
Test tubes...I've written about these before, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon:
I have seen them used for everything from storing herbs, to a hanging vase, and more.
Chalkboards...these have been back around for awhile, but they've been blowing up even bigger in the last year or so:
What do you guys think? School house nostalgia...yay or ney?