Friday, February 7, 2014

Keepin' up with those Kardashians...

I've never watched a single episode of the housewives series. I don't understand the reasoning behind the Bachelor. I have no single interest in who America's Next Top Model will be; and I cannot stand American Idol. The Kardashians, however, they hold a strange trance over me. Not only do I watch Keeping up with The Kardashians , but I DVR every episode, and will only watch it in complete silence, when my husband is no where to be found. I will buy any magazine that has one of their beautiful faces on the cover, and follow them all on every possible social media outlet I can. Kourtney has been my favorite for as long as I can remember, but after finding out about her complete design obsession I loved her even more. When I saw Domaine Home had exclusive photos of her design loving home, I was dying to get my hands on them. 
Of course, so I could share them with you:

 All photos via
She describes her style as Beetlejuice meets Alice in Wonderland (crushing any question of why she is my favorite). From the bold black and white stripes in her formal living room, to the calm, comfortable, and incredibly textural family room, I love it all. I'm obviously dying over those teal chairs in her living room, and the gold ram used as a base at her dining table, but what I really love is that it still works for a family. The playful teepees in the piano room and family room, the mini pink piano in the piano room, the play kitchen against the back wall in the family room where they watch movies (you can't see it here but I've seen it on the show many times) all look like they belong, but allow her two kids to play freely; reminding us all that kids stuff doesn't have to be ugly. Now let's just talk about that wallpaper (it's the Pheasant by Twigs wallpaper, for anyone interested) and it is a textural wonderland. It's hand painted and so intricate. That mixed with the amazing chevron window treatments, and the large sofa make this room comfortable and cozy. A perfect place to watch movies as a family. 
What's your favorite part? Go on, share.

Monday, February 3, 2014

To the window....

When we moved into the house we live in now, I was 20 years old. I was new to the world of home making, and didn't know the rules. For the most part, I think our home has grown with us and our styles, but in a lot of ways it hasn't. Take the window treatments in our living room:
I apologize for the terrible picture...and the fact that this is not anything like what my living room looks like anymore...
Obviously, these treatments are breaking all the rules. And I'm pretty sure I realized this the week after my husband hanged them...yet 5+ years later they hang the same way. What's wrong you ask?
  1. They are too short...With these high ceilings, we could absolutely have done 98" panels, but for whatever reason (probably the cost) we chose these 72" ones instead...
  2. Panels should never hang right at the top of the window. ALWAYS hang them high and wide, to make your windows appear larger and allow as much light in as possible.
  3. They're dark....Window treatments should be light and airy, and not so heavy.

Why am I telling you this?
Because 5+ years in, I finally rectified the situation:

I know you can't tell from a photo, but the feeling in this space has seriously changed. These panels visually lifted the ceiling height at least two feet and somehow made the room feel larger. They are still a little wrinkled (after both steaming, and spraying with water in place) after several days, but I know they will loosen up over time. 
They are the Mariam 98" Curtain Panels from Ikea, and are a steal at only $20 for a pair! That's right only $40 for both of these windows (plus shipping since we still do not have an Ikea here). I wasn't willing to spend a lot, since we know we will be moving within 6 or 7 months and don't know if we will be able to use these in our next home. I was however, pleasantly surprised at the quality and pretty sheen in these panels. 
How about you guys? Anything in your house that drives you crazy, yet you haven't changed it in years?
Do share.