Monday, November 12, 2012

Glass of wine, paint brush, and some frog tape...

So here's a post about what happens when you wait too long to do something you've been discussing for a long time, and then have a few glasses of wine, one night around 10.....and unfortunately have excess     paint-brushes, frog tape, and a plethora of paints in your garage:
I've written many a time about painting my front door....I definitely wanted to add some "not so factory build grade" character to our plain white door:


We went over a long list of colors. including: a deep peacock blue, green, and even yellow. The problem: resale...Not a big problem if you're moving in three or four years, by then you will probably repaint the entire door or might just replace the door altogether. But, we happened to know for a fact that this little gray house that we love will be put on the market in about a year and a half...sad face..Therefore resale value is a factor. Our doors are white builder grade and apparently magic doors that are impossible to paint back white. We know this because a year after we moved in, the door to my office got scuffed up (I don't remember how) and I tried to just use some touch up white paint that was left in the garage, it didn't match and you could definitely tell that it didn't match the rest of the door if you look closely, so I tried sanding and trying a different white, still no dice...It's not terribly noticeable and not a big deal on a small part of the bottom of the office door...big deal however, on the entirety of our front door. So we went with another/much more subtle route:

I apologize for the last picture, but it's really hard to get a good picture of the front door during the day.
We went with a neutral chocolate brown. Instead of painting the whole door, we added a little bit of character by just painting the insets. Now I'm deciding if I should paint around the glass too, it needs symmetry but I kind of think it could be overkill. What do you think?
 In the end, I'm very happy with it. It adds character without taking away from the rest of the great room that it opens to, or from my striped entry way wall that is directly next to it, and there shouldn't be any need to paint it again before putting it on the market, and if I do it will probably take 5 minutes. I think this project could be really fun though, with some bright colors, especially on all of your interior doors.
So, there you have it, a simple, quick and albeit probably a little boring project...although I promise it makes more impact in real life.
How about you guys? Any good painting projects out there? Any other magic front doors? Do tell...


  1. I think you should leave it as is. It's simple and adds character but you don't want to take away from the pretty glass work. Just my two cents :)

    1. That's kind of what I'm thinking too Theresa, Thanks!

  2. Can you come do mine? Pretty please?

    1. I can't do your front door, it would physically hurt me to touch that antique wooden door with paint :). I could help you do the interior ones that have been replaced though!


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