Friday, July 11, 2014

Lights made of driftwood and Coach handbags...

Happy Friday all. First off, let me apologize for my two week hiatus here at The Gray House, but as I spent the last two weeks nauseous and dizzy, staring at a computer screen was on the bottom of my "want to do list." Sinuses, you are a sick sick son of a.
Now onto the fun stuff.
Race really wants to play up the "nautical" style in our new home. Our house is only a few miles from the Lake Lewisville marina, and our neighborhood and the style of homes in our neighborhood reflect that....a lot actually. I, on the other hand do not like "themey" spaces. I'm trying my best to bring this style in small snippets in our new house when buying new things, without bringing it in at full force.
I planned on waiting to show you guys anything for our new house until it's hanging in our new house (or we're closer to selling our current house) but I'm so excited I can't stand it...
So here it is, the light fixture that I love more than wine Race.....I kid I kid....kind of:
Let me introduce you to my newest love...this ladies and gents is the Driftwood Ball Pendant from Shades of Light...and it's on it's sweet little way to me now. I made a vow not to spend a lot on light fixtures, because I just get bored too easily with things like this, so this light was a splurge. It's actually a very early birthday present from Race. He claimed he was going to buy me a new Coach bag for my birthday, but then explained that I am probably the only woman he knows that would rather have a light fixture made of driftwood than a Coach bag. 
It definitely gives off the "nautical" or "natural" look that I'm loving right now, without hitting you in the face with it like Rafiki and his stick to Simba.
When i first saw it, I liked it, but thought it looked more like a rustic light fixture for a man's den...maybe because before I realized it was made from driftwood I thought it was made from a deer's antlers....
but then I saw this:
I can't wait to see it hanging in our new home (probably in our sunroom).
I'll keep you updated...probably by throwing a ticker tape parade when it arrives...I mean this occasion can not go by unceremonious. 
Peace folks. Happy weekend.