Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life happenings...

So again I took a blogging break, but not necessarily by choice. In the last month, we moved to Dallas...that's right folks, we are officially Texans. We moved into the tiniest apartment in the world, and are waiting for our new house to be done...someday.  My laptop charger is MIA so I'm actually writing this post from my IPhone (meaning there are no pictures). In the interim, I've spent my days scoping out vintage stores, and checking out the city. Both fun and both could potentially bring out the blogger in me soon as I get a new charger.
Our small apartment is anything but inspiring so I wouldn't expect a lot from me over the next couple months, but once we get in our new house you can expect to be bombarded with new content. Seriously, prepare yourself. I will be back soon friends, you can follow our new adventure on my Instagram if you would like @thegrayhouseontheleft.
See ya soon.