Thursday, January 31, 2013

Come in, it's open...

So that title was originally just a working title, but I'm tired and drunk....on sangria on life, so that's what you get.
Open shelving..It's a thing, and it's not going anywhere. Race and I discuss on a weekly basis our next home in all it's "fixer-upper" glory, and one thing that I've mentioned numerous times is open shelving in a big beautiful kitchen. The kitchen we have now is perfect for us, it's small but open to the rest of the home. It's great for entertaining and contemporary in style/layout, plus it has a giant island for preparing food that faces our television in the living room, allowing me to watch endless hours of Parks and Recreation while cooking...ya know the important stuff. Open shelving, however, would make no sense in our current kitchen, but is absolutely something I dream about in our next home. I think for the sake of our future children, we will probably not go with all open shelving, but a mix of traditional kitchen cabinets and shelving. Let's face it, plastic sippy cups and plates with giraffes on them are great, but not something I necessarily want to display on my wall. In any case, I'm obsessed and have spent numerous hours "pinning" pictures of the beautiful open shelving that is taking over the design blog world. Just look for yourself:
I just can't wait to spend time styling those future dream shelves...and it's an excuse to buy more pretties for my kitchen like the glasses, the hubby got me for our anniversary, that I mentioned here
What do you guys think? Open shelving, is it for you or no?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome One Kings Lane

Hi folks! Wasn't actually planning on posting today, nor was I planning on doing two sponsor posts in a row, but I just had to stop in and tell you about my newest sponsor One King's Lane and their AMAZING event that starts today! Let's just check it out, shall we:

They're more than places to sit or surfaces to dine on; furnishings are the building blocks of a well-designed room. And no matter what kind of space—an elegant boudoir, a modern home office, a relaxed outdoor area—you’ll find right here all the elements to make it perfect.

Sweaters, accessories, even your daily diary—everything in the bedroom should have its place. Contain the clutter and choose from this assortment of bedside tables, dressers, and armoires, each with storage and style to spare.

Armchairs, club chairs, side chairs, and more: Mix, match, and find the right seat for the right space—no matter your style—with this diverse assortment (and a few helpful pointers on using them in new and refreshing ways).

Whether you're looking for a narrow étagère for your modern studio apartment or a wall-spanning, statement-making cabinet for your formal dining room, you'll find it in this collection of buffets, credenzas, sideboards, cabinets, and shelving units, all of which prove that storage can indeed be very, very beautiful.

Now go and shop and don't forget to check out all of the rest of the fantastic furniture their offering at this event, before I buy it all:

Please and Thank You!

Legal mumbo jumbo: Yes I do get paid for my sponsorships/sponsored post, but a girl's got to make a living. I wouldn't post anything I didn't think was fabulous :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Land of Nod...

Happy Monday all, I am sorry for the late post today, but my sore throat/stuffy nose/everything else cold related decided to keep me up ALL night last night, so honestly, I just woke up...On to today's business:
I am excited to welcome The Land of Nod as one of my sponsors, not only because I love their products...and I mean love...but because I'm at that age. Ya know, the age where it's time to get it together and time to think about growing a baby. Just check out a few of my favorites:
I'm obsessed with the kid's fact, I kind of want one for myself.

How fun is this kids chair in a reading corner...I mean, come on, a chevron kid's chair, my future kiddos NEED this... it all. Now, go and click on the Land of Nod ad on the right sidebar and shop your little hearts out...Please and thank you.