Friday, November 8, 2013

Washington School House Hotel

 Sometimes I come across something so inspiring, so beautiful, so unique, that I am just bursting to share it with ya'll. Sometimes this is a friend's home, or a new space by a favorite designer or, like today, a hotel.
I was first introduced to the Washington School House hotel by Michelle over at 4 Men 1 Lady. This boutique hotel in Park City, Utah was originally a school built in 1889, but later renovated into a hotel. Each room is completely unique from the last. The design in this hotel is quite minimal, with white walls, which allows the amazing classic pieces to really stand out. 
Love isn't a strong enough word. 

I now have to find a way to convince my husband, that our next vacation should be spent in Park City, UT. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Working with what ya got...

A reader shot me an e-mail awhile back regarding their living room. She has a problem, I think a lot of people do. She had the boring beige couch we all buy for our first home (much like the one that still adorns my living room) matching side tables, and the two fun green chairs, but didn't know where to go from there. She wanted something to bring the pieces together, a place to sit a drink when watching television, more lighting, and basically some cohesion in the space. 

Blue and Green Living space
The gold garden stools are a perfect place to kick up your feet or sit your popcorn and wine while watching watching a movie with the family, and are more interesting then a plain coffee table. The green zebra rug is again my go to from Zgallerie, but after seeing it all together, we both agreed it was too much, so we later decided to go with the brown version of the same rug...although I'm now dying to use this green one in another space. Any takers? .... These brass pendants are to die for and are way more of a conversation starter than boring table lamps. The sofa sits against a wall, so the lights can easily hang from the ceiling on either side. The art and throw pillows add cohesion, bringing the green chairs and beige sofa together, and add in a much needed third color, teal in this case.

Trend Lighting ceiling light

Zebra rug

Gold coffee table

Wall art

World Market throw pillow

So what do you think? How many of you have a few basic pieces, but no cohesion in your space? Talk to me.