Thursday, August 28, 2014

PNE Prize Home

As we tread on in the "trying to make the new build still work" phase, we are spending a lot of time packing and organizing these days. Things that we enjoy have taken the back burner...including this blog, unfortunately. Please bare with me readers...and sponsors.
In other news....Have you guys seen the PNE Prize Home yet? It's seriously gorgeous. Designed by former Bachelorette, and star of Love it or Leave It Vancouver, Jillian Harris, the house has a bit of a country style, something I generally don't gravitate towards, but it's more modern kitchen and flooring choices make this house a perfect eclectic mix.
When describing the house she said she wanted something casual and welcoming:
“I wanted to design a house that felt every day like a Sunday morning. And you know what? Every time I’ve walked into the home now that it is finished, that is exactly how I feel. I want to take off my shoes, sit down and enjoy. It’s modern, yet warm and welcoming.”

*I apologize for the lack of order in the pictures below...blogger and me were on the outs today.

I loved the openness of the whole house, but especially the dreamy living room. And those side tables...forget about it.
The kitchen is by far my favorite space in the house. A genius mix of finishings gives this kitchen such a great look, and the large island with beverage cooler gives it practicality and function. 

While the dining room definitely brings in a country vibe, the all white mixed with a more contemporary buffet gives it an eclectic look.
The whole house looks so light and airy. This is definitely a look I'm leaning more towards these days.

I love that she gave the porch different functions. There is a separate sitting area, eating area and cooking area.

 I can't get over this bathroom. The tile flowing from the floor up the wall is genius and don't even get me started about that's too dreamy.

What do you guys think? A dream house?