Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Take off your coat and stay awhile...

Leesa's second guest room was in dire need of some help. Like most of us it had become a dumping ground for anything and everything. An old crib, rocking chair, and about every infant toy that her daughter Charlotte had outgrown were thrown in a corner, and a treadmill draped with winter coats in another (sorry to call you out Leesa, but we all have it). She gave be carte blanche in this space, which is something totally new for me, but so exciting. I know Leesa, I know her and her husband's style. I know their a little more bold and liberal than others. Basically, I knew I could get away with something that I probably couldn't with other clients. Enter a color story I've been dying to do. Navy blue and pink. This room has ridiculous amounts of light, so it could handle a dark color on the walls. I hoped this blue would man up the pink a little and I think it did. I was dying to do a navy grass cloth on the walls, but sadly it was way out of their budget for this space so we went with paint (Serena and Lily's navy to be exact). Those pink ottomans from the Threshold line at Target had me at hello, and while my hubby wouldn't have ever gone for them, I was dying to use them somewhere. Leesa you are a lucky woman....
Untitled #19

Linea dimmable light
$69 -

In2green red bedding

Framed wall art

Nate Berkus frame

Queen bed frame

Velvet chair

Tufted ottoman

What do you guys think? Too feminine? Too bold? I can't wait to crash in this room when it's done...Leesa, you're never going to get rid of me when we're done with your house.