Friday, December 14, 2012

Go fish...

I was strolling through Hobby Lobby the other day, when I came across this:
why yes, that is a fish platter...
And yes, it is hideous...and yes I was so embarrassed at the checkout to be buying it, that I considered describing my plan to the cashier...
Let me explain. Awhile back I was shopping at Anthropologie, the store I hate to love...because I love the stuff in it but hate the prices...Anyways I saw this:
Loved it, but it was something like $68.00.
See, where I'm going?
I sprayed it (gold instead of white)...surprised?...and now I have this:

His name is Merle...and no, I don't know why...I also don't know why I have such a passion for naming random things around our home...but I do.
I think he is one of my favorite, random animals that I've sprayed around my home. 
(Like here, here, and here).
He has a great sheen, and reminds me of something I would find at Zgallerie.
He is perfect as a catchall for random things around the family room, such as nail clippers, extra remotes, etc...which I've taken out for the are welcome...
Now I just have to print this picture out and take it back to the cashier at Hobby Lobby, to show her my taste is not THAT bad...just kidding...sort of..
Anyways, how about you? Anyone else find the need for a fish dish in your home? dish...

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