Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Big changes...

The new year is bringing some exciting (okay, maybe just exciting to me) new things around these parts...
I'm working on a few changes around here...nothing too crazy, I promise. But, please bare with me over the next week or so while I spend part of my "staycation" finalizing them...I may need to even take the blog offline for a few hours in the next few days and again, the posts may continue to be far and few between at the absolute worst time (my stats are literally jumping daily, so thank you for that, it's the best holiday gift ever!).  Some of the buttons might not work, and things may look a little funny until I'm done, but hang in there, I will be done soon.
In the meantime, have a happy and safe New Year!
And to tide you over, here's a glimpse at my best blog moments from 2012!

Most viewed project/post:
This is by far, the most viewed/popular/asked about post on my blog! Literally thousands of you checked it out, and more of you than I can count commented/pinned/shared it on your own blog, which was extremely exciting for me, but also super surprising, since this was one of the easiest projects I've ever taken on.

My personal favorite...

 My peacock blue walls in my office are definitely my favorite in my home...
I wrote about transforming my office here and here.

 Simplest transformation:

This was the easiest upgrade ever! Literally took 5 minutes, and I still love it.

Most likely to spray paint the dog...
 Me, after I spray painted an elephant hook and a skull to hang on my wall...that's right you heard me.

Most likely to attract bad spelling perverts to my blog...

Most likely to get me a feature...

The best Starbucks trip ever:
The one where I found this cream vase, that I painted green!

The fishiest project...
The one where I transformed an ugly fish bowl into a fun gold one.

Most "pinned:"
Strangely enough, the most pinned project from my blog is the one with a tutorial on cleaning your driveway...Yes those yummy calves are famous, but they are all mine ladies :)

The nuttiest project...
This one, where I transformed some dollar store nutrackers.

Now, let's hear from you. Any favorite moments from 2012? Do share...


  1. Happy New Year, can't wait to see the changes ;)

  2. I love your blog the way it is, but curious to see the changes! Also, your elephant planter is amazeballs, and also one of the most popular posts on my blog :)

  3. Happy New Year! Isn't it amazing what a can of gold spray paint can do?! Love it!

    1. You too Tiffany! It really is, and it's my absolute favorite tool :)


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