Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday, Eye Candy

Just a little eye candy, as we venture into the weekend...
I'm off to touch up paint for the millionth time in my new home coming soon :)
Have a lovely weekend all!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Industrial look

So good news...Now that Leesa and the hubby have their final mood board in hands, I can share it with you...To see the first look again, go here. Like, I said before we kept the original idea for the industrial styled room with rustic wood (fitting in with the style of their older house), a hint of sophistication, since she may bring clients here....but still with a little glamor for Leesa, since she will be spending the most time in their ultimately.  The office is in reality their formal living room. It is a pretty large room. It has hardwood floors, and two giant windows surrounding it. It's actually a pretty perfect, albeit boring right now, space for an office. Here is what we decided on in the end:
Just a note, it was brought to my attention, that if I wanted to charge for my services I probably shouldn't tell it to the world, were every item from a mood board came from. My theory on this is that my client already received her E-design, meaning that I was already compensated for the work and time I put into this mood board, as long as my clients are okay with it (which I make sure before I would post it), I am okay with it too. Besides, these items aren't that hard to find anyways, and everything is ordered before I post it, so that if there is only one of something (something off of Etsy or even Craigslist for locals), we don't have to worry someone else will order it first. Plus, if I use an item from an Etsy seller or small business, I want to give them a shout out, and if I can help give them business, I want to...In the end, I appreciate the advice, so I'm not going to go through each item anymore individually, but just give a general outline of the design...we'll call it cliff notes for Design's By Ashli :)...
We went with a gray wall, mostly to fit into the entrance and family room that are already gray and open to this room...besides you know I love a gray wall :).. Hopefully, this will create a seamless transition room to room. We stuck with the desk from the original plan. We loved it's rusticness (not a word), and it's quite large, which is perfect...found here.  Like I said in the original post, I am obsessed with these chairs, and with a small pillow for back support, they are actually super comfy. Found them here. This is the rug we chose to replace the sisal one...much softer on baby's knees, a great color/pattern, and not a bad price point. Plus you know I love the Moroccan style print. These curtains are great, and we found them pre-made and at a great price, which is great because we needed six panels (we are going to do one of their entire walls, that has a huge window on it, entirely in these panels).  The gold floor vase holds a small piece of my heart, and it adds that little bit of glam/chicness that Leesa wanted, plus its like three feet tall. I struggled with a lighting solution in this room, until my friend Nicole recommended a ceiling fan...hmmm...hadn't really thought about that. But in the end, Leesa and her hubby loved this one Nicole picked out, and let's be honest in Kansas, a ceiling fan can come in handy, especially with all the large windows in this room (in the morning it is like the surface of the sun in there from what I've heard). I loved these bookcases from the original plan, and luckily so did they so they ordered two to flank the smaller window and to hold all the ugly (that hopefully we can hide in the pretty white linen boxes) officey things. Isn't this sunburst clock cool? I knew, they would love it. It's massive at 25", and kind of has a retro vibe, which you know I love. Found here. The most surprising part of this whole process, was definitely when Leesa's husband agreed on this chair. Basically, I sent over three options, one animal print, one simple brown leather wing back chair (I thought for sure that would be the one he would pick), and this one (Found here). We were both in shock when he picked this swoop upholstered floral slipper chair with birds on it..but hey to each their own, and I was thrilled with this choice. I really can't put my finger on this man. In the end it adds a sense of whimsy and a little femininity next to that awesome side table (that by the way, I'm totally going to get for myself too). In the end, all parties are happy, and I'm thrilled with the outcome..Now, lets hope she can send me some after pictures...hint...Leesa...hint....also you should know, it killed me not to do a "put a bird on it" reference, when talking about that chair...I may be growing up people...or maybe not...