Monday, December 31, 2012

25 in 25 update...

It's been awhile since I've updated you guys (and myself) on my 25 in 25 challenge (originally started here), and because the impending New Year definitely puts a little wind in my wings to accomplish more, it seemed appropriate to do it today...Anyways, here we go
1. Join a wine club...Done!! Great birthday gift from the hubby...he looks like he's already had 10 glasses...sadly this was the first I think..
2. Have a date night once a week....So far so good...
3. Go on a spontaneous trip.....Still haven't even thought about this one yet...:(
4. Decide whether this is the year we will start a family....still deciding on this...there are many considerations...
5. Expand my design services.......Have decided to hold off on this one, I'm just learning the design world, and I don't want to put any more pressure on myself. 
6. Learn to really cook...I took one organic cooking class at the Merc in Lawrence (for any locals), and really loved it...Can't wait to take another one, and really learn how to cook!
7. Get organized, especially our ridiculously cluttered attic....I am proud to say after our successful garage sale in October, our attic (along with our closets/storage room/junk drawers) are all a little less cluttered. Now, when it warms up, I need to tackle the garage.
8. Finally decide on, and buy a new car...Done...bought a beautiful Ford Escape about a month ago, and am loving it so far!
9. Cut my hair...Not technically, I did get a hair cut, and added bangs, but I'm not crossing this one off until I do something totally different.  
10. Finally design my bedroom....Still working on to come.. 
11. Finish my online design classes...Took a short break, but am going back in February, and should be done in the summer time.
12. Purge...We have too much stuff...I would like to give away/sell/throw out 500 items out of our home. ..Done...See #7
13. Take more pictures...Definitely sticking with this one!
14. Create a budget...and actually stick to it...I'm very proud of our new budget, and the fact that we not only stuck with it but exceeded our goals already! At first, living on a budget was extremely difficult. It's hard for me to eat at home/not go shopping, when I can visually see all the money sitting in our checking account. Because of this, we now have several different savings accounts the money is split into so it's not staring back at me :)...In any case our new budgeting system has been a success and is coming much more easily/natural now.
15. Do one random act of kindness a week...At least once a week, once you really think about it, it comes very easily.
16. Take a stay-cation.....We were supposed to take a quick getaway this coming week for our wedding anniversary, but the impending snow storm kind of killed that idea, so now  we will be having our "stay-cation" this week, and I'm super excited. We have a list of things we want to do right here in Kansas City, none of which we've ever done...should be a hoot.
17. Reach 100 followers..Getting closer! If you're a reader become a follower!!!
18. See a broadway show during the holidays...Sad, to say I failed this one...This would be the first year that I did not see a show during the holidays, but life kind of got in the way this year.
19. Go to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch in the fall. Done...In fact here's the proof..the famous pumpkin...that was small and fact we got it half priced because it was so fugly...and yes he did insist on painting the entire pumpkin green right after this picture:
20. Go on a hike...once again in the fall. Done and it was perfect. 
21. Try something new at least one weekend every month, a cool festival or new food maybe...We've kept this up so far, but we'll see how long we can keep it up.
22. Choose a color and finally paint my front door! Done...kind's the post...
23.Get in shape...Another fail...still trying to find a routine...
24. Design my house freely... Definitely getting better with this one
25. Learn to breathe, enjoy life, and take each day as it comes....Fail...I've been way to overwhelmed to accomplish this goal lately, but still have nine months so maybe...


  1. What a great idea! I'm so replacing the old "new years resolutions" with this idea. Only mine will be 30 in 30....crap :)

    1. Haha! Cici, my husband recently asked me what would happen when I turn 40 and I told him I was done with this challenge after 29 :)...I don't have the dedication to do 30 things!

  2. You are doing way better than me on my challenge! Congrats :)


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