Friday, November 2, 2012

An upgrade so easy it's probably not worth a post...

I love my Expedit bookcase in my living room, it's the right size/style/scale but it looks like every other Expedit bookcase out there (image that)...I felt like it needed a little something, something...Enter a $2 trip to True Value, a little super glue, and some pretty brass hardware:
and you get this:

I love the campaign style furniture, and while this is far from it, I think it adds a lot to the box store piece. I love that it really makes all of the gold accessories (including my newly painted bee vase and my newly moved elephant planter) on the bookcase stand out...
And for the stylist in me, a complete before and after:

Yes, I realize, it's not a huge difference, in fact in this picture you can barely see the difference, but between the new hardware and new styling I definitely think its an improvement. And there you go, an upgrade so easy it's probably not worth a post.


  1. love it!! I think i am going to need to do that to mine too!!

    1. I love it, It makes a huge difference Jessica!

  2. What a fantastic idea! Love it :)

  3. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing with us. Looks slick

  4. This is so smart! I think it makes a huge difference.


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