Monday, November 26, 2012

Those could look better...

Good Monday, and I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!
Here's a story...about a woman that can never leave things alone....In fact, she cannot sit through a movie, without rearranging furniture or spray painting something...true story.
She was always thinking that things could look better...
She might be slightly insane...
It was no secret that she was obsessed with the gold dipped trend that's been going on lately... it should be no surprise, that she wanted to try her hand at it herself...
The supplies:
Please excuse the dirty dishes in the sink, she had just finished eating dinner...and she is quite lazy...
Taped off:

It was pure love, I tell ya. 
oh, and by the way she is me...Enter shocking gasps..
I cannot wait to break out those champagne glasses for holiday parties!!
For the top three I used metallic spray paint...and yes, I may have gone over board...that is champagne glasses and a hurricane..
The bowl I found in my attic awhile back, I have no idea where it came from, and it was hot pink. I sprayed it white and  literally just dipped the edges in gold metallic craft paint that I had spread all over a paper plate (I know, real genius stuff going on over here, people).
It's worth mentioning, that I never planned on using this bowl for food, in fact I plan to use it to corral some of my jewelry that ends up EVERYWHERE throughout the house, if you want them to be food safe, make sure you buy paint that is non-toxic and meant for porcelain.


  1. OMG! Genius, I tell you! Love these, will be trying these as soon as my twins go down for a nap today :)

    1. Thanks Sara! Definitely a great nap project, took less than 1/2 an hour :)

  2. Love this idea! If I can ask you something though, have you had any problem with the paint chipping off of the glass? I tried painting vases once (but used craft paint), and the paint chipped off! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Well I just did them last week, but I haven't had any problems yet, but there also hasn't been a lot of moving/touching them either. In my experience spray paint definitely holds up better than craft paint though, and I've sprayed other glass/ceramic things that held up fine, so I'm hopeful! I'll try to keep ya updated :)

  3. very cute turned out lovely enjoy them

  4. Love this idea...that bowl is beautiful! Thank you for stopping by our Christmas party! First winner will be announced Friday-good luck! ~ Julie

  5. What a fantastic idea! I love the gold. :) Megan


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