Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mission accomplished...

I'll keep it short. My husband is watching Frasier, and for whatever reason whenever I listen to this show, I read everything with an English accent..and say everything out loud with an English's annoying for everyone...Tell me I'm not alone..Really, just me? hmmm...anyways...
We've all heard the design mantra "have nothing in your home that you don't find to be useful or beautiful." Because, I can't go out and buy all new things, I've been on a self-proclaimed mission to find things I already own that I'm not completely sold on and make them into things I love. Enter these old Moroccan lanterns.
I had been hunting for some fun accessories to brighten up my living room bookcase, when I came across these, that honestly, I had forgotten about:
 They used to hang on our front porch...but they have since been retired/replaced. I don't love them. I don't hate them. They were in terrible condition. 
Ladies and gentleman, my favorite tool ever: metallic gold spray paint. Now I have these:

and because one picture just doesn't do it for theses brass's more:

So now I have two brass lanterns, that look brand new, that I love, and didn't spend a dollar. What about you all? Any $0 projects around the house lately?
And yes, that was all with an English accent. You're welcome.



  2. Great idea, I think I have some old lanterns in my garage! Going to find them now :)


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