Monday, November 5, 2012

A little pottery barn kids shopping trip....

I'm going to just put this out there: I haven't always been the biggest pottery barn fan. Gasp. Don't get me wrong, I do like their stuff and their stores have the best displays, but we just don't share the same style. Zgallerie, world market, and crate and they get me...there has always been a connection there...Last week, however, my little sister was in town, so my mom, her, and I went on a little shopping trip. Apparently, neither of them had ever been in Pottery Barn kids...weird right?...I was seriously excited for the first time in awhile by their merchandise. It's like Pottery Barn and I broke up years ago, but now it came back with a new haircut, job, and a car....and now we've reconnected and we're in lurve...
Here's a few of my favorites:
Dear beautiful two toned crib with storage underneath,
I love you. I don't love this room. I don't hate it either.I truly wish you came in bright white like it looks in the picture, instead of just the cream, that you really look's okay we'll make you work...
Dear polished Nickel Pendant Light,
I love your industrial style and I imagine you in a little boys room, with navy walls and a white bed...ahhh..
Dear Eli Fort bed,
I don't love the way they've styled you in this picture, but you are so fun. I imagine you in a rustic room for my future son with a white ceramic deer hanging somewhere in the room, obviously. And underneath you shelves lining the wall for all of his books, and beanbag chairs to read in. 
Dear Red Retro Kitchen collection,
You pull at my heartstrings. How cool is it that you are retro styled and look so frickin' real. I love you and my kids will have you someday, even if it's for me to play with.
Dear Tepee,
I wish you came in another color, or had stripes or something, but the idea of you is just too fun. Maybe I could DIY another version of you for my future kids someday.

Because of this new found connection, you will all be happy to know that I decided I should give the regular Pottery Barn store another shot. So I made Race take me out there and guess what? Another re-connection....I'm in love...I will share some of my favorites from there soon too...
How about you guys? Do you ever realize something you used to hate you now love?


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