Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm lovin it....

Here's what i'm lovin' in November...
Mumford and Sons...
I know lots of people say they like all different types of music...but I literally like all types of music. I've been known to listen to rap, country, rock, indie-rock, jazz (yes sometimes when I'm tired/stressed I listen to jazz in the car on the way home), alternative, and basically anything else. Mumford and sons really struck a cord with me though (get it..musicians..cord...). Anyways, I love their new cd...and all of their new songs. 
I think I'm finally ready to join this decade and purchase an IPad...I know, I'm behind, but I think it will be perfect to take to design meetings with me so I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on that purchase. So, I've been eyeing all of these cute cases on etsy:
This one's my absolute favorite. I love the wood grain style with the cute
Love the chevron, love the pink.
Love the herringbone tweed...It's tailored style makes me happy. And I love that it isn't too feminine or too masculine, anyone could carry it.

This print:
I'll admit it: I'm a huge Harry Potter obviously, I love this print.

These crocheted mug mittens:
These make my tea drinking experience so much better. No more having to hold only the top or only the handle of the tea cup.

Chocolate Peppermint Coffee:
O.M.G. This coffee is soooo good. Try it, please. And then stock up because it's only available around the holidays...
What about you guys? What are you diggin' this month?


Nothing makes me happier than seeing your lovely comments...except maybe wine...yeah wine makes me happier...but still I love your comments :)