Friday, November 16, 2012

Do da dip...

I don't know how this happened, but this post was published awhile ago, but I never shared it with everyone, so I apologize if you've already seen it...Also, you'll notice some changes around here, (the About Me page, the DIY page, and Our Home page all have some new stuff) so be sure to check it out.
I saw these on Pinterest:
 and was immediately in love. So I made my own.
It was as simple as pulling out the tons of "$5 for a set, wooden spoons we all have in our house," and the "green frog tape we all SHOULD have in our house," and some paint:
I taped them off:
dipped them in paint and let them dry:
This is the only way I could figure out to dry them...hmmm...I should plan better :)
and the end result:
Brightly colored spoons....Red and gold. Kansas City Chiefs for those of you who didn't know. I think they will be perfect for the next time they go to the Superbowl...(for all of you non-kansanites, that was a joke), but they could be fun for any Sunday football game or any other party. I think they could be way more fun in a bunch of bright colors, or as a wedding gift in the couple's wedding colors. I am not sure about washing them yet...let me rephrase that I'm not sure about putting them in the dishwasher...I will, of course, wash them. I'm okay with it though, I only use our dishwasher for huge amounts of dishes anyways (waste not want not) and these spoons will most likely be used for parties, and not so much everyday use (especially since I have probably 5 exact sets of these in my house)...How about you guys? any "dipping" projects at your place lately? Keep it clean people...


  1. Love the new About Me page (super cute) and these are so fun! Can't wait to make these for Charlotte's first birthday party :)

  2. How fun, I'm so doing this :)

  3. These turned out great!! I did a pair awhile ago too and also chose red! Red and turquoise. Great minds think alike . . .

    1. Thanks! And yes they do :)...I'm dying to do some more bright and fun ones, so I also see turquoise in the future!


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