Monday, September 10, 2012

It could be worse....

First off I would like to say thanks for reading...For whatever reason, my page views has more than doubled in the last week, so thanks for that. Second of all, this post has a lot of words (and no pictures) and is pretty serious so deal with it...
A couple of weeks ago I was having one of those days...One of those days where nothing fit right, nothing tasted good, everyone was annoying, and everything seemed to be going wrong for me. We all have these days, where our world revolves around the pettiness that in the end makes us feel guilty, or should. It was apparently one of those days for a lot of people, such as the woman making my latte at Panera that morning, who told me that several employees called in that morning and she was basically left to fend for herself...or our waiter at lunch, that told us she had a cold but wasn't able to go home...(BTW does anyone else think it's gross when the person that's bringing you food admits to being sick)...or the guy at the annex sitting next to me waiting who tells me he got a flat tire that morning...Like I said, it was one of those days...One of those days where we each said "me" too much, one of those days where we let the small things get to us. That evening on the way home I was listening to the radio, and heard Christina Symanski's story...You can read the full story here or here, or go to her own website here or get information about her book here. I only heard this story from others, and what I've read online, so please forgive me if any of my facts are misunderstood. Christina, an artist, was paralyzed from the chest down in a diving accident in 2005. After years as living as a quadriplegic, Christina chose to end her life by starving herself and refusing treatment. She did everything in her power, to make sure this was the right decision on her own, and to make sure after discussing it with family and friends, that the responsibility would lie on her alone. "I have come to a point in my own life where I’m struggling with the question, ‘Is this life worth living for ME, or am I just prolonging my own suffering?’"...A quote from her own blog. Christina felt that her quality of life was so little, that living had become a burden to her. This story has really stuck with me, and basically I have not been able to get Christina out of my mind. If you take nothing else away from this post today, please keep in mind that it could be worse.  Christina's story reminds me that, not only do I have a great life, but am blessed to have my health and the health of those around me and maybe we should all keep that in mind more often. I have never had to give up my way of life or had so little control over my own life. I'm not posting this story for any type of debate, so please don't start one, she chose what she thought was best or possibly what she thought was the only answer, when she felt she had little quality of life. I don't know enough about her story or her as a person and neither do you to make that judgment.... I posted this simply to remind myself (something I sometimes fail to remember) and maybe you that IT really could be worse....Before you complain about something today, think about all the good in your life and how blessed you are..because the things that you complain about, others are praying for....Happy Monday all!

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  1. I really needed to hear this today! Thank you!


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