Friday, September 14, 2012

A 25 in 25 update...

Today, I turn 25 years old...and I feel kind of old...I thought it would be good to keep ya'll updated (and keep myself accountable) on my 25 in 25 challenge. Go here for the original post...So here's what I've accomplished so far...and yes I realize it's cheating starting the challenge a month before my birthday...but guess what It's my birthday and I'll do what I want...
1. Join a wine club...Done!! This was actually a pretty great gift from the hubby!
2. Have a date night once a week....I think we've pretty much kept up with this one, but I think we should focus on the qualities of these dates...a netflix movie while eating dinner on the couch is not a date made. 
3. Go on a spontaneous trip.....Haven't even thought about this one yet...:(
4. Decide whether this is the year we will start a family....Haven't really decided on this yet either...there are many considerations...
5. Expand my design services.......Still thinking on this one...
6. Learn to really cook...I signed up for classes starting near Christmas!!!
7. Get organized, especially our ridiculously cluttered attic....We have started this process with our closets and hallway closets, but haven't gotten to the attic or garage yet. 
8. Finally decide on, and buy a new car...I think I'm getting closer to a decision on this one....we are trying to save up so we can put at least half down. 
9. Cut my hair...Nope, not yet..
10. Finally design my bedroom....Started the to come
11. Finish my online design classes....Will be done in the early spring!!!
12. Purge...We have too much stuff...I would like to give away/sell/throw out 500 items out of our home. ..We are about halfway there...I actually think we will double the original number in donated items alone :)
13. Take more pictures...If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, ya know I'm doing this one!
14. Create a budget...and actually stick to it...I'm proud to say we have done quite well on this one, and have been able to put a pretty nice chunk of change away already! We are using this method, and it's really working for us...the first month we realized that we had been spending over $1000 on stuff we didn't even realize we were buying and that's a good amount to put away each month towards a new car.
15. Do one random act of kindness a week...At least once a week, once you really think about it, it comes very easily.
16. Take a stay-cation...Hubby hasn't taken the time off work yet, but definitely will happen. 
17. Reach 100 followers..Not even close! If you're a reader become a follower!!!
18. See a broadway show during the holidays...Still have awhile on this one :)
19. Go to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch in the fall. It's planned!
20. Go on a hike...once again in the fall. Done! Once again, beautiful weather!
21. Try something new at least one weekend every month, a cool festival or new food maybe...We've kept this up so far, but it's only been a few weeks so we'll see how it goes!
22. Choose a color and finally paint my front door! Fail...Still thinking..
23.Get in shape...Another fail...still bike riding and going for walks/runs, but yet to find any type of routine.
24. Design my house freely... Definitely getting better with this one
25. Learn to breathe, enjoy life, and take each day as it comes....Definite fail...I've been way to overwhelmed to accomplish this goal lately, but still have a year so maybe...


  1. I could soooo help you with #12 and #15 at the same time... You could give me a pair of boots :) lol
    Love you,

  2. Oh and I don't know if I'm following you or how to do that :)

    1. Lol in the right side there is a bunch of pictures of all my followers and theres a little button that says become a follower just click it and you can use a google Yahoo or AOL account u believe :) sorry if these instructions arent correct lol im on my phone writing this


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