Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dining chair round-up...

Today, I have a little chair round-up for ya'll...You see, we need knew dining chairs....we also need a new dining room table, and a new dining room (a story for another day). 
Here's the thing, I've been looking for awhile, and haven't pulled the trigger on anything, so today it's your choice (well maybe). 
Leave your vote in the comments section...because we seriously could use the help of you fine people.
We're in the market now for a new table as well and so far this is the winner:
The Bishop Double Extension table from World Market...It's a great mix of Race and I's taste. It's got a rustic finish (which he loves), and because of this any future dings or dents will look intentional (which I love). It's a traditional style, but has somewhat cleaner lines. The color is great. And it seats up to 10, which is fantastic. At this point I'm simply waiting for one of World Market's famous 25% off furniture sales, to finally pick this bad boy up. 
And here's a few of the dining chairs we've been eyeing...

Dining chairs

Tufted chair--These were originally our "no brainer" pick. They are a great style, color, and price. After choosing our table though, I realized the finish on the legs and table may compete too much. I have a thing about matching finishes. They either need to match perfectly or be completely different, and the finishes on these chairs are somewhere in the middle with relation to the table. 

White chair
These upholstered chairs are great because they are slip-covered. Anytime I can pull a slipcover off and throw it in the wash, I'm sold. These are also a fantastic price. The hubby though thinks that white is too much, whether I can wash them or not. I've also heard horror stories about these                                    slipcovers looking terrible after being washed, which is definitely no bueno.  

Safavieh chair
I don't know how I feel about these chairs. I love the lines and color, but am not sure about them for this table.

Vintage furniture--I have to admit, right now these are definitely my favorites. We both love the industrial look these chairs give. The price, vintage nod, and color are all great. They are a fun match for the table and add an interesting juxtaposition in styles. They are metal so they will be sturdy overtime. My only concern is comfort.

Stackable chair
We loved these chairs the first time we saw them, but they definitely don't work with this table. If we could find them in a very dark finish, they could still be a contender.

The blue color in these chairs are great, and the simple lines wont compete with the table. I do however have my doubts when it comes to investing a lot of money in eight chairs and committing to a bold color.

Now go vote...I'm done making decisions for awhile...Unless I don't like what you choose, then I'll be forced to make another pressure....;)


  1. I vote for the vintage metal ones for sure! They are so you, I can't even stand it ;)

  2. I like the white slipcovered chairs. They are a little more traditional, but slipcovers are so much easier and I think they will play nicely off of the rustic table. Just my opinion.

  3. I absolutely prefer the tufted gray chairs, they are perfect. But, I think Leesa is right, knowing you personally, I believe the vintage metal ones are more you guys! Good luck!

  4. Tufted gray chairs! I like the metal ones too, but I feel like they belong in a loft somewhere, not a suburban house.

  5. I'm with Cici. The metal chairs are cool, but are a little too industrial for my taste. I love the gray tufted ones though!

  6. The medal vintage ones!

  7. Safavieh for a little extra interest that won't compete with the table as a showcase for the room, plus a more neutral color than HENRIKSDAL. But, if you love the blue I'd say go for it. The dark tones would pair beautifully. Simple elegance either way... It's a win, win with that table.

  8. To update the above vote, definitely HENRIKSDAL. Just looked at the larger view of the table and I think the lines are perfect. Plus, the color adds a somewhat quirky, stylish twist on traditional that suits you.

  9. Definitely the vintage bronze ones. They are hip, unique, and fun. just like you ;)

  10. I agree! gray tufted chairs for the win!


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