Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm Lovin' It...November...

Hi Friends! It's been awhile. After a quick trip to Dallas to check in on you know, our future, and pure chaos with the upcoming holidays, there's just no time to sit back and blog. I can't wait to share with you everything we have going on with the new home front, but am choosing to hold back until things are more concrete. 
In the meantime, here's what I'm loving in November...and yes I did take this opportunity to make a Christmas list for anyone that needs ideas...ahem, Race...

Christmas list

Fake fur blanket

I've been eyeing this throw every time I stop in Target, it just looks so cozy...and you can't beat the $25 price tag.

World Market bamboo bath accessory

I've wanted one of these bath tub trays forever...I love baths...I love a cup of tea or glass of wine and a book in the bathtub, and this shelf would make this much easier.

Mr Coffee burr mill

This is as much a need as a want....Yes I know, first world problems. For my birthday, the hubby bought me a really fantastic Espresso maker, but I've always been told Espresso is no good without fresh beans...because i'm not Frasier, I don't have time to stop in a local shop and have them grind up my beans every day, so this is kind of a must. 

Bodum coffee maker

I love french press coffee, and need a way to make more than one cup of coffee at a time (for guests), so this seems like my best bet.

Primula tea pot

I've always wanted a pretty teapot, and the clear ones are fantastic for watching the tea it looks pretty on an open shelf in a kitchen.

Stoneware cookie jar

I've been searching for a cookie jar for awhile, and call me crazy but the new gray squirrel cookie jar by Threshold is pretty dang cute.

Contemporary window treatment

I would love new curtains in our living room, and I think green would be perfect. These are great and a fantastic price.

I am dying for a new tablet. I like the one I have, but it's super slow, so I would love to get the new Nook HD 32gb (it has great reviews).

Dooney Bourke tech accessory

I also would love a cute case for it ;)

I love, love, love this bar cart. It reminds me of a more stylish/classy time. It might be better to wait on this one until we're in our new home (less to move), but I love it nonetheless. 

Now it's your turn...what are you hoping Santa drops down your chimney?


  1. What about your coffee/tea recommendation? This is literally how I choose what I buy. Lol

    1. Try the mint medley herbal tea from World Market, it's both me and Race's new favorite ;)

  2. I absolutely love my french press. It's also great to take to work, so you don't have to drink whatever type of terrible coffee your company offers ;)

    1. That's a great idea! Working for a small business we don't have a coffee maker, so I can bring it with me!

  3. Mmmm, french press is the best!


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