Friday, December 13, 2013

Wowza folks...Life, I tell just keeps getting in the way of my blogging time. 
Nnnn-Eeeee-Ways, here's a pretty good post about a pretty amazing contractor:
General contractor in Mirabel, Quebec, Claudie Dubreuil, who owns Les Collections Dubreduil, was in the need of a creative outlet. 
When it came to designing her own home, she was determined to build something unique from the wood cookie cutter condos and houses she had built in the past. She accomplished this by using 4 metal shipping containers to build her dream house...definitely extraordinary..

What do you guys think? Pretty amazing right?


  1. Seriously amazing! How inventive!

  2. Ahh, those exposed walls. The wood and brick are amazing!

  3. Really amazing! My only concern would be the privacy issues in that bathroom! Eeek...

  4. How inspiring! That kitchen is just so well laid out. I love the creativity and quirkiness that this house brings to mind.


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