Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm Lovin' It...September and October...

So a friend brought it to my attention that I not only missed September's I'm Lovin' It post, but also October's....I was actually aware of this. The I'm Lovin' It posts, at first were my highest viewed posts, but in the last few months they were my least. So I took a couple months off, but since you guys DID notice, I decided to make it up to you with a I'm lovin' It post for both September and October.

I'm Lovin' It...September and October...
I'm in love with this light fixture. It would be phenomenol in a little girl's nursery, and at only $80, it's a steal.
This espresso/cappuccino maker was a b-day present from the hubby....and I love it. He actually bought me a different one originally, and it quit working a week later, so we exchanged it for this far so good.
I'm obsessed with this clear teapot...what a fun gift!
This acrylic trunk has been on my wishlist for awhile, and I can't wait to bring it into our new home!
This fun West Elm clock, just adds that bit of unexpected quirkyness that every room needs.
Another fun piece, and the gold adds a hint of sophistication to any space.
I'm obsessed with these elephant bookends from Urban Outfitters.
These new baskets from Ikea, are fantastic, and only $5!
The new arrow trend is one of my favorites. I love this piece, but there are seriously thousands on Etsy.
I'm loving the new tribal leggings that are everywhere!
After A LOT of searching, I think I've finally found my new dining table. The Bishop table from World market, sits 4-10 people (which is great), and has an amazing wood texture, that could probably take a beating.
I've seen these new tufted ottomans everywhere, and actually used them in a space here. I love the bright colors they come in, and they are a great price.
How cute are these Tissue House boxes..So fun and whimsical...

Now what about you guys? What are you diggin' this month....and last month?


  1. I love your I'm Lovin It Posts! Thanks for bringing them back ;)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Cici, that makes it all worth it!

  2. Love the trunk and teapot! Also that house clock is fantastic!

  3. Love those leggings, forever 21 has some great ones for like ten bucks!

    1. Thanks for the tip Sara, will definitely be hitting them up!


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