Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Functional Guest Room for Leesa...

Happy Monday all! First of all thanks for all your kind words about my last E-design. I'm always a little nervous sharing my work with the world. I'm not a big fan of being judged, and I think one of the reasons it's taken me so long to start this little business, is because of fear...Fear of other's not liking my work, so I appreciate your kindness.....Now onto today's business:
When my good friend, Leesa decided to turn her mostly-used-as-storage spare room into a functioning guest room, she asked for my help to make the best use of the small space. All she had was a gorgeous vintage oak dresser. This is what we came up with:

A Functional Guest Room

The gorgeous upholstered gray bed was the splurge for this room, and adds so much sophistication to the space. I chose white bedding. I love white bedding, but in a space that is used daily, it's just not practical, because you'd probably have to wash it daily. In a space that is only used occasionally, however, it's a nice luxury. She wanted a spot for her guests to sit (just enough room to sit comfortably while putting on their shoes) but there is no room in this small space for a large chair, so we added the two tufted, green ottomans at the end of the bed. She also wanted a place for a small desk, but this 12 x 12 room wasn't really having it.  Instead of two nightstands, I added a small white writing desk with brass hardware on one side of the bed (it can be used both as a nightstand and a writing space...holla) and a gorgeous gold side table to the other. The rest was just making the space comfortable, with a lot of gorgeous $10 pillows from World Market, and a cozy teal throw, along with my favorite Z Gallerie rug to soften the hard wooden floors. The desk chair reflects her gorgeous oak dresser perfectly, adding the weight and cohesion the room desperately needed.

Teal table lamp

Chocolate brown rug

Wall art

World Market throw pillow

Bought at Nebraska Furniture Mart for about a third of this price, but if you aren't local and like it you can also find it here:
Upholstered bed frame

OKA wooden kitchen chair


So what do you think? Are you over my green and teal obsession? Do tell...


  1. We love it! The writing desk over a second night stand was our savior in this small room, and definitely helped us get the most function in this small space. In fact, I'm considering sleeping in this room occasionally, because it's prettier than my room ;) You're my favorite!

    1. Just remember, you'll have to wash that bedding more often if you sleep in it ;) And you're my favorite too!

  2. I thought that the last E-design you did (with that crazy fun rug) was my favorite, but I actually think this one takes the cake in my book. I hope Leesa doesn't mind if I completely recreate this look from top to bottom in my guest room ;) I promise to give you guys full credit.

    1. Don't mind at all Tara! I'm flattered, although Designs by Ashli should take all the credit ;)

    2. Thanks so much Tara! Your kind words humble me ;) And Leesa definitely has a style that inspires me, so you can give her all the credit you want :)

  3. Love the desk in place of a second nightstand idea! Smart thinking!

  4. This is a very well thought out and well done space, love the desk instead of a nightstand idea!

  5. I just wanted to say congratz on this.
    It is a very well down site and some nice looking projects.

    Matt A.


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