Monday, October 28, 2013

Basket case...

Effff.....You guys I was so determined to stay on a good post schedule, and literally fell off the wagon one week into it. Regardless, I'm going to give it another go this week...Happy Monday all!
Painted baskets, are not a new idea. In fact, I remember growing up my grandmother used to paint flowers and things on baskets. Lately I've been seeing this idea resurface on Pinterest, in a more modern way. No flowers today, but clean lines and geometric shapes instead. 
The other morning, I was bored but stuck at home while my oil was being changed at the auto shop, so I grabbed a couple of baskets I had in storage, acrylic and spray paint I already had on hand, and my little stash of old paint brushes and got busy. These are the two I started with (I didn't want to use any really good baskets, in case it didn't go so well):

I wanted the first one to look truly hand painted, nothing perfect, with a simple design:

The second one, I taped off and sprayed with a gold metallic spray paint:

Now they serve a great little corral for the hundreds of kids books and toys, Race's little brothers leave around our house. 
So there you have it, a simple, possibly super boring to you project that took less than 30 minutes. What about you guys? What do you do on those boring Tuesday's when you're stuck at home? Go on, share.


  1. Fun idea! Might have to do some bright baskets for my little one's playroom for books and such!


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