Friday, September 28, 2012

What I've learned in 10 years...

Yesterday, marked 10 years for Rashli (Race and I's relationship...yeah I'll work on the name because all I hear is Rash now...I need something as good as Brangelina)…which is way long…like 40% of my life ya'll...I’ve learned a lot in this relationship, or nothing at all… you decide…..

When Race and I started living together we had some serious adjustments to make, however the biggest one was concerning the ice maker…yes you read that right. You see Race loves ice tea, and goes through about a pitcher and a half a day.  Apparently, our ice maker was not keeping up with the iced tea makers’ needs, therefore every time I would go to get a few cubes for my serious Dr. Pepper addiction, I would get a loud sigh from him. Sadly, this was probably one of the longest running annoyances I have ever had with my husband…I mean seriously, who is he to get mad when I put ice in my drink…Ridiculous. So one day I got mad after a sigh and dumped all of the ice out of the ice maker…on the floor...ya know to make a serious point…yes my maturity is astounding.  Race said nothing, but was obviously annoyed. The next day I came home and Race had googled how to make our ice maker work for our extensive ice needs, and found out there are several things you can do to make an ice maker work faster (who knew?), including taking off the lever that made the ice maker stop when it was getting full, he also went and bought ice cube trays….Lesson learned: In the end, we found a compromise, over probably the most ridiculous fight we've ever had (x10), but here I am right now drinking a Dr. Pepper…with 4 ice cubes…actually I’m drinking wine (lots of it actually, don’t judge it’s my anniversary...kind of)…but you get the idea.

Right before we got married, Race got horrible food poisoning, so horrible that, that night he slept on the bathroom floor. I took him to the doctor, being the great fiance I was. After the doctor looks over him for a while, and writes out some prescriptions she pulled me aside.  She tells me in a complete serious matter, that she will require a stool sample, and expects me to get it for her….ummm….at first I laughed , assuming this was a joke (I don’t even do this with my dogs), then I asked her how she expected me to get this sample. I must have blocked out the actual instructions, because we went home that day and I still had no idea how to accomplish this task. When I told Race what the doctor told me to do he basically called me a liar…and said: “people don’t actually do that do they?”…I said “apparently.”…In the end, just this conversation caused some awkwardness, that now 4 years later, we probably wouldn’t even blink an eye at, and Race could barely look at me the rest of that day. It’s safe to say, I did not get the doctor the sample she required, and actually we never went back to that doctor again…Lesson learned: There are some things a husband and wife shouldn’t do together…and there are some things that will seriously kill your sex life and getting a stool sample from your spouse is probably one of them…

One day we were at Target shopping. I was buying hangers and my husband was SUPPOSED to be in the movie department….After finding my hangers, I walked to the movies to find my handsome husband, in his khaki shorts and Jayhawk hoodie facing the other way…Trying to be cute…or annoying… I started repeatedly poking him in the butt with the hangers (because that’s what normal people would do right?)…Anyways, after a few seconds of this, the man, that was quite obviously not my husband, turned around to face me, with a terrified look on his face….and I can hear Race cracking up behind me…Lesson learned: You don't know everything about your partner, and you should probably wear your glasses when shopping...or poking someone in the a$$ with hangers...



  1. OMG This is hilarious! Great post!

  2. How funny, we've had an ice-maker fight before :)


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