Monday, September 24, 2012

Wallpaper post

When I was a kid I had this green floral wallpaper in my bedroom...To be fair Mom, it was probably in style in the early 90s....In any case, it was U.G.L.Y, 'aint got no alibi. One night me and a friend were having a sleepover and I decided I couldn't take it anymore so me and said friend decided to take down the wallpaper ourselves. We didn't get far, but far enough that the rest had to be taken down. Needless to say, the next morning my Mom was NOT happy...what can you do, I just wasn't a wallpaper kinda gal. I guess things change, because I'm loving it now...For the longest time, wallpaper had this stigma of being "old ladyish," and gave you mental images of pink floral walls. Now, I can finally appreciate it, and even love it. Check out these gorgeous spaces...
This, to me, is probably the coolest powder room ever. For whatever reason, both me and the hubby love maps, so this paper totally speaks to me.
And it can make a builder grade, boring powder room, look custom and classic.
This is super cool (and probably a custom made print so $$$) and makes this media room really pop
This print really adds sophistication to this entry space...
I love this space so much it hurts...It's feminine and fun, yet classic, and comfortable...
What do ya'll think? Wallpaper...yea or ney?


  1. The map wallpaper is amazing! Do you have anymore information on it by chance?

    1. Unfortunately not alot, the source page says it's vintage though!

  2. I love wallpaper, so definitely yea :)

  3. Love wallpaper, but i'ts just too expensive :(


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