Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 Reasons I'm a Terrible Blogger

After following bloggers who post daily for years, I've realized that I am a negligent blogger. To be  fair though, I'm negligent in most parts of my life, so don't feel bad.
Here's part of the problem and possibly the answer to why I'm a terrible blogger: 
1. I don't like posting pictures of myself online...Maybe because they usually come out looking something like this:
Ahh, classic....No really, it's not that I have severe self confidence issues, or think I'm fat, or have a weird nose. It's simply that I find it awkward asking others to take pictures of me...even my husband. There is a fine line between blogger and narcissist for some people, and I want to make sure to find the line....At the same time writing a blog, is in a sense, writing an online journal so it should be about me, and it should be about my life, so pictures of me and my friends/family do have a place. This is something I have to work out on my own I guess, and I simply need to find my comfort zone....

2. I'm extremely frugal...This makes accomplishing (therefore documenting here) home projects difficult. Especially, with our new budget in mind, projects are expensive (especially house projects), so while I would love to be showing a new project on here every other day, it's just not possible...This is real life people...

3. I don't delegate time well...Sure it's great to say I will spend so many hours blogging a week, but something happens when I get cozied up with my laptop and tea, and somehow I end up watching "Charlie bit my finger" (an oldie but a goodie) or the video below that makes me laugh every single time on you tube, or spending an hour on Pinterest...I swear I don't know how it happens, but there went my blogging time.

4. I'm grammatically challenged...I actually used to be very good at spelling and knowing when and where to put the right punctuation, but at some point I lost this skill. Possibly somewhere between finishing college and the amount of wine I've consumed since. 

5. I'm terrible at answering E-mails promptly. I answer e-mails regarding design services as quickly as possible (hey I have to make a living people), but blog related e-mails sometimes wait a week...oops...

6. On the same note, I don't check my E-mail daily...again oops...

7. I need a new/better camera. I have a nice and actually quite expensive camera, that is practically new, but not really a blogging camera (it's a simple point and shoot)...I'll work on it. 

8. I don't always reply to each comment left on my posts...My be fair, I do always answer questions in my comments. 

9. I'm not good with computers. It took me two weeks to figure out how to change my blog design (yes, two weeks). Luckily, the husband is practically a computer genius, so I have him around to help with blog related and webpage related issues...I knew I married him for a reason...

10. I'm a terrible planner...'nuff said...


  1. OMG I needed that video today. So funny, especially the end where she slowly backs out to leave. Doesn't even try to hurry LMAO

    1. I know, it's like the driver doesn't even think they did anything funny


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