Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Window shopping...

I wish I was one of those fierce bloggers...the ones that walk through stores, snapping pictures of their favorite pieces in stores and posting them for all to see...I just can't bring myself to walk through a store snapping picture after picture...maybe one or two, but one or two photos does not a blog post make. So I am doing a little online window shopping until I get the balls to snap pictures in the actual store... favorite, my haven. Here's what I'm lovin'...

White ceramic deer head...$50.00...My love affair with these white ceramic animal heads started long ago, yet I still don't own one. MUST HAVE WHITE HEAD...hmm...that sounds funny...
Astair Nesting Tables...$199.00...In gold...I dream of these tables adding some serious sophistication into my home somewhere. I love the simple lines and classic, but glamorous color. I'm definitely looking for tables of a similar shape that I can hack into something similar to these.
Chalice Accent Table...$399.00...I imagine this table in a two story entry stacked with books around the edges in flowers in the middle...or as a dining table with sleek black chairs.
Eddie Accent Chair...$1299.00....These chairs are the perfect mix of classic (the classic style and shape) and modern (the fun color and brass nail head). Two of these in a study would be amazing...The price kind of hurts, but isn't too surprising for this quality and such a statement piece.

Lazo Throw....$59.95...I of course love the color...but let's talk about that texture...and being wrapped in the front of a fire...drinking hot luxurious.
Easton Sconce in Gold...$39.95...These sconces would add classic elegance to any space.
The Aris Vases...$19.95...I have loved the gold Aris Vase for awhile...I've even used it in a couple of clients spaces' but have still yet to purchase one myself. I imagine three of them across a dining room with branches flowing out.
The Timber Mirror....$799.00...I love the idea of this mirror leaning in a grand entryway. Love the rusticness (not a word) and grandiose size.
Also, my birthday is coming up, and any or all of these will do just fine....Don't go to any trouble...

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  1. What about those parsons side tables from Target or the lack side tables from Ikea sprayed gold?


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