Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The New Coastal Threshold Line...

Target you sly biotch....You've done it again. 
Your Threshold line has pulled at my heartstrings for some time, but this new summer/coastal line is seriously at the top of my list. With my impending vacation, I've been dreaming of the beach, so all of these coastal accessories are right up my alley...
Untitled #25

Is it weird to hoard things for a future beach house that you can in no way afford at this current time?....I don't think so.
I couldn't leave this shopping trip completely empty handed...
I mean what if Target's everywhere burnt to the ground that night and I never had another chance to buy a piece of the Threshold coastal line? 
So with that indisputable logic in mind, I left with this Threshold frame:

On sale nonetheless....I've been feeling like my living room was too "model homeish" #technical term. So I thought the rustic wood in this frame might add some soul to my very contemporary Expedit bookcase...and I was right. 

How about you? Do you love the Threshold line as much as me? Any other hoarders out there?
Oh and just a reminder, I will be on vacation the next week or so, so it may be quiet around here for a few days....forgive me....or don't, I'll be on vacation so I really don't care ;)


  1. Love it all! I would love to see a beachey themed roundup on here for those of us that decorate our Midwestern homes like a beach house ;)

  2. it all! Thanks for sharing, and have a fabulous vacay!


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