Monday, March 10, 2014

A whole new world....

Ever wonder what happens when an interior stylist wannabe and handy hubby get bored on a Saturday afternoon at home?.....Here's a hint via Instagram: 
Answer: They completely reaks havoc in their living room....
I've been wanting a change in here for awhile, but with the odd layout theres not too many options. But this is what we came up with:

So far I'm loving the space. Having the sofa pushed over and the expedit bookcase (the one with the pretty hardware from here) turned vertically really opens up the space and makes the room feel twice the size.....And for those of you of you that are regulars here at The Gray House...Why, yes we did get a new sectional. It's by Simmons and is in their famous gray color "gunsmoke"...and although its definitely reading blue in these photos, it is in fact a beautiful gray.
Its super comfy, seats way more than our old sectional did due to the chaise, and the ottoman fits right into the corner of the sofa, for optimum movie watching comfort.
This space has changed a lot in the last few weeks, but right now its reading very model home-esque....which is great for our new realtor but not so great for an eclectic gal like me. The space needs soul. Everything is too new and contemporary. Id love to replace that green side table with an industrial/rustic table just too add some depth. Something like this perhaps:
via World Market
Either way I'll keep you posted.
Also let me apolgize now, for what I'm sure has been a post riddled with gramatical and spelling errors. I'm typing this post from my tablet (which is proving to be more difficult than I first perceived), since my laptop is currently in the shop...and by the shop I mean my computer-genius of a husband's office.
So there you have it, a lazy Saturday afternoon turned musical chairs  sectionals...
What about you? How'd you spend your weekend? Do tell...


  1. I second Saras request! I've actually looked at a.simmons before, so I'd love to hear what you think in a couple weeks :)

    1. all of our living room furniture is Simmons. We love it! It holds up well especially with 3 kids!

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  3. I would love a review on this sofa after youve had a chance to break it in. Im in the market for one myself. Love the rustic table idea!

  4. I will definitely keep you all updated on the new sofa! And good to know that Simmons has done you guys so well!

  5. Love the new setup. As a regular Gray House reader, I am loving the expedit on it's side. It seems to really open up the room too! You're just too smart ;)


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