Friday, October 18, 2013

Fun playroom...

Playrooms are by far my favorite rooms to dream about. You can do so much with them in today's world, with miniature hermes chairs and little ghost chairs, things are really looking up for the playrooms of the future. When my friend Leesa (yes, we are basically designing her entire house this I'm not kidding), who you might remember from here, here, and here, asked me to whip up a mood board for her new playroom/family hang out space I was of course ecstatic. She wanted a space where her, her husband, and her little one, Charlotte, along with Charlotte's two older cousins (3 and 4 years old) who Leesa watches while their mom is at work during the day could hang out together. A place to play games, storage for their many, many books, and a small art table...Done, done, and done.
Fun playroom

This green sofa is one of my favorites from Ikea right now, the Stockholm. I want to buy it and hoard it for our next house so hard. It's great for kids because it's slip covered, so the first time paint, food, or let's face it poop get on their it's as easy as ripping it off and throwing it in the washer. The family wanted a place to play games, so I thought a small round pedestal cocktail table  instead of a traditional coffee table would be perfect, and by adding two children sized ash chairs (that I'm slightly obsessed with) they can easily sit 4 or 5 around the table. I'm loving these tree bookcases that are now everywhere. This is the "Knowledge Tree Bookcase" made by Poshtots, and the color is so fantastic. This will easily hold all of their books, and I added three little mushroom poufs (that I've been obsessed with since I saw Genevieve Gorder use them here). I threw in the Pkolino art table and benches from Nordstroms, and a fun black and white striped tent for playtime. I finished the space with some fun art, throw pillows, and again my go to Zgallerie rug (those hide rugs are great for kids, because they clean up easily). 
Black rug

Teal accent pillow

Throw pillow


Anne-Claire Petit Mandarin Mushroom Crochet Pouf - 40 x 35cm

So there you have it, a fun simple playspace that the adults can enjoy too. How about you guys? Whats you're favorite room to design/decorate/style? Go on, spill.


  1. What a fun space! Love those mushroom poufs...pretty sure we need some of those!

  2. Obsessed with those mushrooms, thanks for sharing the source!

  3. I love all the miniature pieces, large design companies make now. I actually have two mini ghost chairs that are so fun for the kiddos, and pretty to look at for they are so easy to clean! Great space, here, I love the bookcase!

  4. Yup, I still have a few more spaces for you to finish before you leave ;)

  5. Oh, how fun! Love the tent, I want one for me!


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