Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I apologize now for this very long post, but what can I say I like to hear myself talk...or type I guess.

When I first spoke with my newest client, I was a little worried about the challenges that lay ahead of us in her newly finished basement family room. She requested burgundy and hunter green, which are not usually my go-to colors. She wanted a cozy room to watch movies in, enjoy an adult beverage, but that her teenagers could hang out in too, with possibly a place for them to do homework. After over a week, we've found a few key pieces (since this space was previously unfinished, they needed everything), and I think we're getting there. 
This chocolate brown sectional is from West Elm, and the dark color really cozies up the space. It's microfiber which cleans up easily, and will hide their chocolate labs dark hair easily.
I decided to veto the coffee table and go with two small green ottomans in front of the sectional. It brings in that green color she loves, adds even more coziness, and makes for a comfortable spot to throw your feet up. 

There is really no room in the space for a full office area. This extra long desk, will fit perfectly however behind the sofa, and can easily sit two. 
I didn't want the view to be hampered, so adding two of these amazing industrial stools instead of traditional desk chairs, gives more leg room without blocking the view in the room. Her husband is so obsessed with these stools, he is requesting they order 4 more for their upstairs kitchen island, so I guess that's a point for me.
She wanted lots of seating, so I added two of my favorite Kendall chairs from World Market. I thought the lighter color would lighten up the room a little, and it is similar to the wall color in the room, so it wont take away from the space. 
I have been hoping to use this brass drum table in a space, so when she said she loved aged brass, I knew instantly I wanted to work this table in.
This simple brass cube sculpture, adds so much dimension and fun to a space. 
We are planning to order two of these dark Parsons bookcases to flank the television. They will add some storage (add baskets and boxes to them and you get instant storage), plus a ton of display space. It doesn't hurt that the wood tone in these bookcases, are a perfect match to the base of the sectional.
The shorter version will be ordered as well, to sit underneath where the television is mounted.
To add a little glam to this space, I found a few gold pieces (both the sunburst mirror, and faux deer head) that will reflect the gold in the drum table and sculpture.
I thought the mirror and deer head could be really fun mixed in the gallery wall, my client suggested, with these more industrial/weathered style frames, that I think look fantastic with the desk behind the sofa.
Since they wanted a spot to serve their "adult beverages" as she puts it, I found this fantastic small- scale (this room didn't have room for a full bar) bar cart, that I think will really look beautiful displaying all of their bar ware. The metal wheels reflect the industrial stools that are behind the sofa perfectly, and bring some cohesion to the space.
As for the burgundy, I'm hoping to bring that in, along with more of that beautiful green on the ottomans through soft-scaping, such as; pillows, and window coverings, along with the beautiful accessories I plan to fill those bookcases with....Here's just a taste of what we've found so far:

So that's where we are now, but we have a long way to go. 
How about you guys? How do you face new decorating challenges? Do tell..


  1. Love the idea of setting a long table and two stools behind a large sofa. Great space to work, yet you're still able to see the television, although if my kids can see the tv, they probably aren't doing any homework ;)

  2. I second that Cici! Great idea!


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