Thursday, August 29, 2013

Industrial Design...Let's discuss it. I have a new client/old friend that loves this style, which is so beyond exciting for me because as much as I love my other clients and friends, this would be way out of their comfort zone....but not mine. Industrial design has a reputation for coming off cold with hard lines, but it doesn't have to. If done right, industrial design can be and should be as warm and inviting as any other space. It's tricky though. Adding texture is a must. This can be tough, but any soft-scaping you do can bring in texture. I begged the two of them to bring in some color in the draperies and pillows, but they stuck to their guns (which I admire and love) and we kept it in the neutral family.
Here's a few of our favorite pieces, that we can't wait to bring into my client's bonus room:
These bookcases actually go with the television stand below (it looks like it's a completely different wood tone and metal tone in this picture for some reason than it really is). This bookcase is begging for baskets filled with the family's board games, and pictures galore.
This was the first piece we picked out, and it will hold their television and all of it's ugly components.
Look at this perfect table and pair of bar stools for an industrial chic space. A great place to drink a beer and watch others play pool. 
This picture does absolutely no justice to this amazing sofa. It's definitely a splurge for the couple, but we all immediately gravitated towards it in the store, and I know it will be a conversation piece for years to come. And I promise for movie watching purposes, it's amazingly comfortable. I literally had to get help to get out of it, after sinking my booty in there. 
This piece is one of my hubby's favorites, and definitely gives off that industrial vibe. 

Like I said before, they really wanted to keep the room neutral and cozy. Cozy, I'm good at. Neutral? Not so much. I'm going to do my best to bring in interest without color, but it will definitely be a new challenge/experience for me. I think these faux fur throws, will add the depth and texture this hard space needs, and bring in the cozy factor with the impending cooler weather upon us. I'm now searching for some linen window coverings for the space's two big windows, with the hopes that it will add depth to the space. 
They will be using this space as the "everything space," basically a place to watch movies, drink lots of wine, and possibly play pool, if we can find a design friendly pool table (rumor has it Nebraska Furniture Mart has custom ones, so we may have to make a trip there this week). 
They also requested a cowhide rug....which I was pretty excited about. 
I've always loved these. I've heard they are indestructible too. I've heard stories that you can get anything out of them; wine, sauce, blood...ya know, all things that spell partaaaay to me.

So this is where we are right now, but I will keep you updated as the room evolves. 
What about you guys? Do you prefer calm, neutral spaces, or more lively bright spaces? And what about industrial design? Too cold and modern, or totally hip and fun?


  1. I have to admit, I love a nice warm neutral space. Seems like it's coming along!


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