Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's talk about dining spaces..I'm dying to have one, whether it's a formal dining space separate from the kitchen or a larger eating area that would allow for a 6-8 person dining table. I have trouble justifyfing the prices that your expected to pay for dining furniture. There have been a few tables and chairs I've loved until I realized they were half the price of my car...hmm...With that in mind, here's what I've been thinking lately:
I've loved these vintage tabouret stacking chairs for awhile, and have used them in a few of my own designs. They are metal (meaning they will last forever and be kid friendly down the road), a great vintage bronze color, and $200 for heard me. My fear has always been their comfort. They may look great but let's not make our future dinner guests sit on a cold metal chair. So I tried them out at my good friend, Leesa's house, and guess what? Super comfy/bigger than they look=success. I imagine them with something like this:
Yes that is an Ikea table...but it's simple, classic, seats 6-8, and only $200, and I actually really love it. 
I've been dying to bring in a bold black and white rug into our home, and I think this is it (the $70 price tag don't hurt either). 
I'm also dying to bring in some wall to wall picture ledges, for easily switching out art. Something like this:
And I will bring in a color story that will continue through the accessories, through this piece of art (that I've coveted for awhile now):
My favorite color story in every room, but especially a dining room...
What do you guys think?


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