Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Besides my project posts, my window shopping posts are by far my most popular by a lot. So because of my project rut (due to basically being between homes), I thought I'd mix it up a bit by doing a couple of shopping posts for ya guys, since all the new spring lines are out, and I know you're dying for them. So let's get started shall we? Starting with my favorite (and probably yours), Anthropologie:
Anthropologie has a great selection of hardware...check out this beautiful indigo handpainted knob:
or this gold pull:
or this gold coral knob, that I am completely obsessed with:
This gold honeycomb mirror is too pretty and reminds me of summer:
These acute mirrors are so much fun and would be too cool in an industrial styled space:
The Ikat petals frame adds a fun pattern and color to a neutral space:
I have wanted this Vestige Bathtub Caddy for awhile now...I have to admit I think I could make something similar for a lot less than $168 though:
And there you have it, a few pretty eye candies for you from Anthropologie...Happy Monday all!


  1. The acute mirrors are fantastic! Love Anthropologie!

  2. I second that on those mirrors, fabulous!


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