Friday, October 12, 2012

Society 6

So I'm probably way behind with this one, but I recently discovered Society 6, and I'm obsessed. It's like discovering Etsy all over again. Here's some of my favorite prints...

Not only is Up one of my favorite movies, but the color story in this print is perfect for a playroom project I'm working on for a new friend. Found here..
I'm thinking this one would be a great gift for an artist friend of mine. Found here....

This one is seriously amazing...I do love peacocks, but the style in this canvas is just too cool. Found here...

And then there is Emily Rickard, and I seriously love all of her work...
Like this:

and this:

Society 6 also has some great Ipad/laptop skins...Like this one:

and this one:

then there is this one, that's pretty cool:

and also this one:

I'm only slightly obsessed...Anyways, check it out and happy Friday all!


  1. I love society 6, it's like Etsy for artists only! Love your blog!

  2. The vintage camera Ipad skin is really cool!


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