Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm lovin' it...October...

I know you guys are at the edge of your here it is....what I'm lovin' in October...
West Elm's Honeycomb Glassware...Found here...
I want to make out with these glasses...Their like the perfect gold earrings for your dining table...Love them...
Ava Tufted Sleeper Sofa...Found here...
Love does not properly describe my feelings for this sofa...I am obsessed with it..I can completely imagine it in an office/guest room because...get's a sleeper would never know, right?..I love the vintage nod and it comes in a slew of great colors.
The Nate Berkus collection at Target...Found here. I am so excited about this..I've always loved Nate and his style. There's not a lot available online, but the in store finds are seriously amazing...
Nate's style is so timeless, and sophisticated, yet there is some fun and whimsy mixed in there. Love it all...
Keeping in tradition, it wouldn't be my monthly I'm lovin' it post without a tea/coffee fave, and this month I have both... so here it is...The Republic of Tea Hot Apple Cider tea...Found here...
This stuff is so delicious it hurts. We first tried it as a sample, while shopping at World Market (the best store ever BTW) and before we left we had some in our basket. Must try!
and...the Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Coffee...Found here...
and it comes in K-cups! If you like pumpkin spice lattes, give this a try!
What about you guys? Any new loves?


  1. I drink that Apple cider tea every morning!

    1. Every night for me :) Thanks for reading

  2. I spent an hour looking through the Nate Berkus stuff at Target, I went there for diapers and my husband called me twice trying to find out why it was taking so long :)

    1. I actually went in to Target this morning while I was waiting for a meeting and only had about 20 minutes, and now I can't wait to get back and really spend some wont surprise me if I'm in there or an hour :)

  3. Just thought I'd comment on the sofa you posted about. A friend of mine bought that sofa and it really is beautiful, but honestly extremely uncomfortable! Just thought I'd put in my two cents :)

    1. There for several mixed reviews on the website about the comfort of the sofa, so it's good to know! Thanks for your comment!


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