Friday, August 3, 2012

What's going on in our bedroom...

Get your mind out of the gutter, this post is about, of course, the design of our bedroom...or lack thereof. We literally haven't done anything in there design wise, except paint an accent wall (which I'm completely over btw, but might stay anyways, purely because of laziness). Our bedroom is actually pretty large (I think it's 20' x 20'), but none of the furniture reflects the size. The scale is all off, the window treatments are terrible, and its just a plain yawn. The other day we were watching a movie and Race said...and I quote..."You did a great job on the living room, but why haven't you done anything to the bedroom?"...good question from the hubs, but the simplest answer is I feel no pressure because we're the only ones that see it. This horrible design attitude resulted in a boring bedroom that looks something like this...

The quality of this picture is REALLY bad, with obviously no styling done (no those cords laying by the bed are not for styling purposes, nor are the panels supposed to hang crooked) but the room itself is pretty terrible too, so oh well...Yikes, did I really just post this on a design depressing..There's actually more to the room, but it's just as bad and makes me feel like this...

See, this is what I love about the internet, you can type in crazy lady in google images and this picture pops up...The good news is this blog has inspired me to do something about it. (And hopefully having a pretty bedroom will inspire me to keep our bedroom a little neater too). I want something cozy and warm, for sure, but also something that reflects our personalities. I'm thinking some warm neutral tones, with green accents (so it will connect to the rest of the house's subtle green moments, but still have it's own personality). I've found some inspiration on where else but pinterest....Here's what I'm thinking...

And now because we all love lists...oh, maybe that's just me...a probably never ending list of things that need to be accomplished in this space..
  1. New headboard
  2. Nightstands
  3. Something for the end of bed (maybe a place to sit and put my shoes on)
  4. Some art or something to break up the boring walls in this space
  5. A new mirror
  6. Upgrade to a king sized bed (my husbands not a small guy)
  7. Add some style
Hopefully, I'll have somewhat of a moodboard up soon, along with a reupholstered headboard, and a couple other DIY projects...if I don't fall off the face of the blogging earth again....


  1. Love the second picture...the one with the green and textured walls, not the creepy lady :)

  2. HILARIOUS what came up when you typed in crazy lady. This one time I googled "weird" and I am telling you the strangest stuff I have ever seen in my life came up. From now on I am being more specific with my google searches! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. I don't know how I'm just now seeing this comment, but it made me very happy! Thanks for reading, can't wait to start reading yours!!


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