Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few reader questions...

So ladies and gents (actually I think all of my readers, except for my husband, who may very well, just read the titles of my posts and pretend to read it, are ladies) I have gotten a few e-mails and messages, asking random design questions. I've put off answering them, simply because I don't necessarily know the "right" answer. I could technically call myself a professional (I wouldn't because that would be weird), but am definitely no expert. Then I realized you aren't asking for an official answer, but just MY answer...so guess what here's some answers...

I noticed you and your husband have been together for a very long time. How do you guys make decisions on design related issues, with probably pretty different tastes?
We have been together for about 10 years, but have only actually lived together about 5, so I don't have it 100% figured out yet either. I'm super lucky in the fact that, Race usually let's me take the reign on styling our spaces. He actually is into interior design (as much as a man that also loves football and monster trucks can be), but generally trusts my taste. He does, however, retain permanent veto power, and has used it on occasion. Also, he has his own little "man cave"/media room, that he has decorated on his own (including his bat mobile collectibles, no i'm not kidding). My advice basically for any woman is to take into consideration your husband's feelings. Most guys don't care to an extent, but a floral chair and curtains (which btw, probably aren't a good look anyways) is super feminine, and probably not super comfortable for your man. And let him have his own space. You don't need the whole house, most people have a basement or spare room that can be allocated for the gent in the household, and should be. Basically, just be considerate before you paint your bathroom pink and yellow (not only to your husband, but to any guest that has to use that bathroom).

I love color, and I see you do use color, but in a really minimal but fun way. How do you choose how many colors can be used in one space?
A general rule of thumb is 3 colors. I generally don't count neutrals as colors but if you use a very dominant neutral (a deep gray or brown) I would count it. My living room has a lot of blue, green, and golds...along with several neutrals, but no one color overbears the others...I don't think...

What type of photoshop do you use to make your moodboards?
I actually don't use photoshop (because I'm cheap basically). I do have elements but I find the free online program Pixlr.com to be easier. I generally then just paste it into paint, so that it can be sent to clients, with no issues.

So there's some design answers for you...eventually I will do a personal question post, so keep those questions coming, I love hearing from ya'll! Peace out...


  1. Great tip on the colors, nothings scarier than a rainbow themed bedroom :)

  2. I'd love to get to know you on a more personal level, look forward to that post!


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