Monday, June 4, 2012

Dining chair conundrum...

I've wanted a new dining table FOREVER, but always felt kind of guilty, since ours is literally only 3 years old. Recently, however our chairs have started to basically drive me bananas. They don't sit straight, and wobble incessantly. I changed gears now and am now instead looking for new chairs.. I love the look of a dark table with white chairs (kind of like this)...
There are so many to choose from, all in different price points, so my decision is tough....Here's what I'm thinking...
 Uma tufted Parsons Dining Chairs....Love these, and a great price at $109 for 2 (plus Overstocks ridiculously cheap shipping and handling). I originally thought about using these just at the heads of the table, so that we could seat 6 (would be awesome for game night), but also love the idea of using four of these...Find them here!

Chiavari chairs...I know these are generally for weddings but I kind of love the simple lines, classic design, and the nod to the bamboo style chairs that are so big these days. Plus you can't beat the price ($32/each for the white and $44/each for the ghost). Find them here!
The Anime arm chair....So amazing, love the shape and color. But sadly, they are $170 each, and a little more than I'm wanting to pay...Find them here!
As you know, I love the white metal tub chairs, and they are actually super comfortable. Plus a fantastic price ($152 for all 4!)...but I don't know if they would work great in the space, or how they'd physically fit at my table...
 I absolutely adore these white high gloss oval back chairs, but am having trouble finding them anywhere... Love the classic lines and simplicity...

I also love the idea of using basically any ghost chairs. I'm completely obsessed actually, but I like the idea of the white because I feel like it will brighten up the space.
Back to the drawing board...what do you guys think?


  1. For what it's worth, I'm loving the chiavari chairs, and what a great price!

    1. Me too and ill admit that price is enticing

  2. Replies
    1. hmmm... U guys are making me think..

  3. Check out NFM's selection! They have some great prices and styles!

    1. And I get a discount there.....hmm :)


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