Friday, June 1, 2012

Alysha's first apartment...and living vicariously through her

When Alysha told me her Mom's housewarming gift for her was an E-design for her very first bachelorette apartment, I was sooo excited. Like, I think I ate a whole bag of marshmallows, excited...or maybe I just really like marshmallows...oh smores sound good...wait what was I talking about?...
oh yes Alysha's apartment. I truly was excited, because I never had my own first apartment. I got married young and moved in with Race when I was only 19. Don't get me wrong, I of course don't regret it, but I'm a little jealous of the fact that Alysha can decorate her new place in any way she wants, with as much femininity as she wants, without anyone saying "it's kind of girly".  I really wouldn't consider myself a feminine stylist when it comes to my home, but I do love pink...I'm only human people...and was excited when Alysha told me she did too. Basically, she wanted something feminine and hip, a little edgy, but surprising...nothing to matchy, matchy. This is the basic idea that we came up with:
I apologize, I'm not sure why the moodboard looks doesn't on my computer but does on Race' clue
Being a grad student, Alysha is obviously on a VERY tight budget and since this is a rental, we were stuck with the grayish/white walls, which actually weren't terrible...better than "apartment white". Alysha already had that small white couch, side tables (from Wal-mart for anyone interested) and dining table, which is great because I love them all. I found the dining chairs (similar to the pictured ones) on her local Craigslist, but they were black, so she had them sprayed pink. The chandelier, which was definitely the "splurge" for this space (and luckily we were allowed to install it...what a nice landlord) and ceramic deer head are from Zgallerie, found here and here, the chairs are from Ikea (and only $70 each), found here, and the three stumps that make up her new "cocktail area" are DIY projects by her and her dad (only because I had another client make them, and they said they were super easy and looked great when all was said and done) and I think they add that surprising aspect she wanted. The rug is from my go-to for rugs (I know, not exactly the most glamorous place to get rugs, but trust me they have the best prices and rugs can be a budget killer for sure). The pillows are from all different Etsy shops, and the curtains are made my her mom, with the "green zig zag" fabric from, found here (on sale right now for only $6.36/yard). We also decided to add a photo collage that frames out her television (which sits on a white dresser, she already owned) on the wall facing the couch....Basically, this is the idea...but with all white frames to keep it contemporary...or because Ikea's white frames are only $3.99...
Also, it's worth noting that words can't describe how much I love gazing at this much great vintage art, the television basically disappears, or maybe that's just me...but still I could stare all day...Emily Henderson is seriously a genius, we have completely different styles, yet I love her designs and styling, and that says something...Picture found here
Back to Alysha...
I think we hit the nail on the head...It's feminine but fun and flirty, and with a hint of surprise here and there. In the end, she's happy and that's what matters. Congratulations on your first apartment Alysha, and if you ever come home to find me laying on your black and white chevron rug (oh when will my chevron obsession end) and staring at your gorgeous white chandelier and deer head, just leave a trail of marshmallows out the door and it will lead me home...
And in true Friday fashion, a little eye candy to get you through the weekend :)
Happy Friday all!!


  1. Love, love, love the color story...Great mix!

  2. Love it and the white dear head is genius!

  3. Great juxtaposition of rustic pieces and contemporary pieces. Where are the pink dining chairs from?

    1. Thanks, that was kind of the idea, gives it the "surprising" aspect she wanted. They were from her local Craigslist (St.Louis), they were black but she was going to paint them pink!


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